1 Simple Rule To Live By… You Are Perfect!

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1 Simple Rule To Live By… You Are Perfect!

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You are Perfect!

Mr. or Mrs. Perfect Wanted!

You are Perfect!

I am so sick and tired about reading about losing weight in magazines, seeing ads about it on television, and reading articles from the so called experts online about it. When you browse the internet you are going to come across adverts, or see them on YouTube videos before you get to watch what you want to.

I don’t boast the perfectly slim and trim body, and just last week I decided to write a short book about this brainwashing, called ‘Accepting Mr. Fatman’ which I published on Kindle.

REALLY…. come on people  lets stop succumbing to pressure of how you are supposed to look, how to dress, what to eat, and what the perfect body is supposed to be… otherwise you will not fit into society.

‘Sure I give health advice on this blog, but not to push anything down your throat, rather more for awareness than anything else, because we all make our own choices, and that is how it must be!’

What sad miserable lives we are leading trying to conform to the brainwashing from the media, peer pressure, what the scientists, doctors, and all the experts are telling us. Yes someone is going to comment on this article, and try and justify that this is right or wrong, good or bad for your health or whatever because THEY say so!

This weekend I saw some very serious terrible car accidents where I believe, (or am pretty sure) people must have died and it is my belief God will take us when he decides it is time, not when the scientists say, nor the health gurus because you did not eat properly. ….or you did not lead the quite perfect life!

I am not saying to tempt fate as my Mum used to say, but rather not go overboard in trying to please someone, everyone….who?

Sure make healthier food choices, but why be unhappy eating like a rabbit at a restaurant while everyone else is tucking into a juicy steak or decadent piece of cheesecake? Worried about the guilt complex afterwards and go punish yourself at the gym because it was sooo bad!!! You might come back and haunt that chocolate cake 🙂

Eat Your cake

In my book I mentioned above outlined some facts about your body’s natural balance, the way you are going to be whether you like it or not. If you drink then you drink, if you smoke then you smoke, if you are passionate about sports and fitness all well and good. BTW I did some research on this and its all true.

WE mess up our bodies, because we are told what to eat and do in the media rather than listening to our instincts. Your Body will tell you when you are hungry, thirsty, tired etc.

My advice is just live your life without trying to please everyone else, or conform to what society tells you is right; otherwise you will find life has just rushed by, and you were so busy abiding by the rules and thus turned down that delicious piece of chocolate cake because you were told it was bad and would pack on the pounds. How sad!

Live healthy by making the better choices sure and good, but don’t KILL yourself by doing so. Don’t live a life of weight loss, trying to look like Mr. or Mrs. Perfect or spending fortunes to look beautiful all on the outside.

We all have our flaws and THAT is what makes us perfect not because of what you are told, read or see on tel