10 Holiday Health & Fitness Tips For Families!

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10 Holiday Health & Fitness Tips For Families!

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10 Tips for Families to Stay Fit and Healthy Over the Holidays…

The holidays are a joyful time for eating drinking and being merry and it’s no wonder people pack on the pounds. You can keep you and your family fit and healthy by following a few simple rules that do not mean being miserable but more aware of what you eat and staying active during the holidays.

Most people have the idea that healthy food tastes lousy and even bland but this is not so if prepared right. There are even delicious healthy desserts and sweets which you can eat without being guilty that you will get fat. Remember it is easy to gain weight but ten times harder to get rid of it afterwards

Here are 10 tips about foods and activities that will help you make the right choices to stay fit and healthy not only over the festive season but allowing you a complete lifestyle change without major upheavals.

1)  Try Choosing Whole Grain Foods Over Processed!

Processed meats and refined grains used for dough products like white bread, pasta, cereals, and other flour products have a high glycemic index.  They also are low in fiber tour body needs for digestion and have far less vitamins and minerals necessary for a healthy immune system. Be more conscious in your choices to choose whole grain foods.

Delicious oatmeal crunchies whole wheat bread and dozens of excellent whole grain cereals for you and children are examples of a healthier choice.

2) Limit Intake of Soda, Alcohol and Sweetened Fruit Drinks

Alcohol including wines, beer and hard alcohol are all packed with calories and when you add soda mixes they are even worse. Sweetened fruit drinks which you may think are healthy are not having low nutritional value and also high in calories. With fizzy drinks and sodas each contain an average of 150 calories per 12 ounces and this could mean children could gain an extra pound over a period of a month if they were to drink them every day.

For adults, beware of alcohol intake over the holidays because overdoing those toasts and social drinking can mean excessive weight gain fast.

Cut back on fizzy cool drinks and alcohol and if you choose fruit juices go for pure or even blend your own directly from fresh fruit. Limit alcohol to sensible amounts at parties and festive events.

3) The Proverbial Saying: Eat More Fruits and Vegetables!

Most families are way below the average when it concerns eating sufficient fruit and vegetables daily and that means lacking proper nutrition. Fresh fruit and vegetables grilled or in salads is a great healthy choice at meal times. Let your children try out different fruits and you will soon know what their favorites are.

Invest in a blender and make fruit freeze ice creams for your children as a healthy choice and as mentioned above you can easily create delicious healthy fruit smoothies with blenders too.

4) Add Calcium Rich Foods to Your Diets.

While trying to lose weight many cut out cheese, milk and yoghurt out of their diets which is a bad mistake. Calcium is vital in your body building blocks to maintain healthy bones, teeth, and joints and believe it or not, calcium also helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Go for healthy cheese low fat yoghurts and drink milk in moderation. If you really hate the low fat variety drink less of the full cream milk.

5) Stay Active and Have Fun.

The holidays is family time and what better way to spend time together playing games, going for walks and visiting places of interest. Keep your kids limited for playing computer and TV games and get them outside to the park, fun fair or go to the mall and do some walking window shopping.

Any types of family activities are great as long as you all stay physically active. Use stairs, cycle around the neighborhood or walk the dog and wash the car are all better than staying in front of the TV doing nothing.

6) Understand facts about Calories in Foods.

It’s not necessary to become fanatic about counting calories or being a nut case about how much are in every type of food… Just start being more aware while grocery shopping of the foods you choose and read labels about fat content, additives, and cholesterol contents which allows you to make healthier choices.

Simply be more aware of what you and your family are putting in their mouths at meals times and in between and soon enough you will start cutting out those things that cause everyone to pack on the weight. It’s still ok to get those goodies and snacks but cut back on the amounts that everyone eats.

7) Know About Carbs in Foods.

Carbohydrates are always said to be a no-no in diets but your body does need them to function. You just need to know what are good carbs and bad carbs.  As mentioned above bad carbs are those in refined foods like white bread and refined flour products. The same goes for sweetened foods and drinks these are the bad carbs as well.

Research carbs information on the internet and you will find the good ones in fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grain food products.

8) Watch for Fats Content in Foods.

There are healthy fats and bad fats. Your body does need fat to function but the healthy fats are what it needs. Most bad fats come from animal meats and poultry skin. Check food labels too avoid saturated and Trans fats which are bad and eat foods with healthy monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

Choose margarines with the heart healthy symbol for example because these have good fats your body needs. Cut back on fatty sauces and flavorings, sugars and salts as well. Once again it is not necessary to become a raving fanatic but just be aware of making healthier choices are all…

9) Choose Healthier Options in Meals when Eating Out

It’s not necessary to make everyone miserable when eating out but definitely not necessary to choose super sized meals and eat a full course from starters to desserts and get stuffed.

Look at the choices everyone makes and keep note of nutritional facts for what is on the menu. Many have small medium and large sized steaks, ribs or meals. Opt for small or medium and enjoy the meal more rather than bloating.

10) Stay Happy, and Motivate Everyone to stay Healthy.

It is not a good idea to become a dragon in the way you change to eating healthier and promoting a healthy lifestyle for you and your family. Keep everyone motivated to choose healthier options in activities and diet and there is nothing wrong with a reward for everyone as long as you don’t overdo it.

Lastly a healthy vitamin for you and the children on every other day can ensure that everyone is getting sufficient vitamins and minerals for a healthy lifestyle.

Have a fabulous holiday season and best wishes for a healthy and fit happy 2015. Blessings from Richard & Erno (D) at get Wise Buys




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