12 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism Without Excessive Workouts!

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12 Tips to Boost Your Metabolism Without Excessive Workouts!

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How to Boost Your Metabolism For Fast Weight Loss Without Spending Hours Working Out!

How to Boost Your Metabolism the Easy Ways

How many times have you read that boosting your metabolism will help you melt away the pounds? Its true but no one will pinpoint exactly how to boost your metabolism without adding a strenuous exercise program to the mix.

If you haven’t heard it before, simply explained, the body metabolism is the rate of how foods calories are broken down and consumed, to produce energy and maintain life.

Maintaining a high level of metabolism makes your body lose weight fast, and although some exercise DOES help, you do not have to go to a gym to get the workout you need…

Everyone has a different body metabolism based on the amount of muscle tissue, activity, diet, stress levels, and genetics. To boost your metabolism would thus be different to doing the same for someone else, but there are general factors that will help anyone do so.

An important point to understand is that the less muscle tissue you have, the slower your body metabolism is going to be. With older people, the metabolism will be a lot slower because of decreased activity, and thus a decrease in muscle mass.

To start off with we will examine simple ways to boost your metabolism and then investigate a basic workout to burn those calories and fat.

Here are 12 tips to fire up your metabolism:

  1. Become a little more active even if this means walking the dog around the block every day, taking the stairs at work instead of the escalator, or if you have them, light exercise at home gardening on an exercise bike or treadmill. Read further to get is a basic workout you can do at home
  1. IMPORTANT, Always Eat breakfast. Though every nutritionist and diet plan mentions this, people still ignore the most important meal of the day. Research has proven that those that eat breakfast are thinner than those that do not. You will boost your metabolism by eating breakfast to kick start the fat and calories burning process.
  1. Cut back on sugar. Sugar causes your body to store fat so cut back on this as much as possible. Eat foods that maintain balanced blood sugar levels and as above, do some mild exercise as often as possible.
  1. Its true, you can eat spicy foods and chilies, because these boost your metabolism. When you eat hot foods though check their fat content otherwise it will negate your weight loss goals.
  1. Get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. Muscles regenerate during sleep and it has been proven people that do not sleep enough tend to gain weight.
  2. Drink more water and lots of it. It sounds tiresome but people simply do not drink enough water. Drinking more water flushes out poisons in your body and if your body does not get enough it cannot function properly and goes under stress dehydration.
  1. Snack all day long. By eating small meals all day long about 2 hours apart is a sure fire way to boost your metabolism. Your body continues to use the foods to burn energy and you thus keep your metabolism active.

Boost Metabolism

  1. Do not skip meals and as above keep on snaking all the time. When you skin meals your metabolism will slow down because there are b no calories for it to burn. If you think you l will lose weight by skipping meals you are completely wrong.
  1. Plan what you eat more carefully. Whether you are having a snack or full dinner plan what you eat properly to avoid the wrong foods. Portion sizes are important and the times you eat equally so.
  1. Calm down and take life in your stride! Stress releases a chemical called cortisol which slows down metabolism, and besides this, when you are stressed, you will eat more and of comfort foods which are the worst fat builders. Reduce stress and you will boost your metabolism.
  2. Change to drinking green tea and reducing caffeine intakes. Tea will stimulate metabolism, and you can drink as much as you like without any side effects.

11. Eat well known more energy boosting foods in the diet to boost your metabolism. These are fruits and fresh vegetables nuts, beans and whole grain foods.

12. Read food labels so that you know what you are eating. This shows you energy content nutrients and you will learn what to avoid which add fat rather than provide calorific value for enhancing metabolism.

Boost Metabolism

Everyone can achieve their desired goal weight and live a healthy life with some patience and minor lifestyle changes. Keeping your metabolism going at peak performances a way of life and you will be better off for it in more ways than just losing undesired fat on your body.

Boost your metabolism with easy workouts you can do at home

You can boost your metabolism with some workouts you can do at home without having to keep to a gym schedule or buying expensive exercise machines.

A little space at home should be set aside for some exercise, and about an hour a day and you will find that you will shed fat fast with the program outlined below.


Start with a Warm-Up and Stretching.

Do around 5 minutes of light cardio exercises followed with dynamic movements like lunges, brisk walks or stepping up onto a stool and off again

Home Circuit Workout.

  1. A Kettle-bell or small hand weight side to side swings
  2. Push away from a counter or solid table
  3. Some Knee Tuck Push-Ups
  4. Squat Presses hold hand weights with extended arms
  5. Leg lifts holding and lowering slowly
  6. Light aerobic exercises of choice

Do at least 45 seconds to a minute of intensive workout with each exercise class and between repetitions rest for at least a full minute. Extend length of each exercise as you advance IE: once you cannot do a particular exercise any more.

A complete exercise session with all workouts should not be longer than a half an hour.

As you progress you decide if you want to increase the time of your home workout program. If you want to take longer while building up stamina that is fine as long as the workouts are high intensity. These movements will hugely boost your metabolism and you will shed those pounds fast.

No more than 3 days a week with this workout will be sufficient and you WILL start seeing results fast!

If you are focusing on strength training then increase the amount of repetitions per exercise you do, and also the weight of the dumbbells you are using.

For cardio training Exercise

Pause to rest between the exercises you do and using the list above or a planned workout program vary the training by combining the exercises techniques. Build on weights sizes and intensity of workouts.

Do these minor workouts at home and combine the eating habits we mentioned above and you will boost your metabolism to achieve a slim and trim body in no time. Always remember to consult with a doctor to ensure it is safe to start a diet and exercise program.



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