Smart Tips to Eat Correctly Before Working Out to Shed Pounds FAST!.

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Smart Tips to Eat Correctly Before Working Out to Shed Pounds FAST!.

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Smart  Tips for Correct Eating For Working Out!

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So you need to get back into working out after loafing over the festive season and that’s good! You can feel those extra pounds because your clothes fit a little too tightly…

Exercise and working out have become very important today if you want to stay fit and trim. A healthy body is a result, not only of a good exercise plan but also, of correct eating for your work out.

Food is the energy source for the body, for normal everyday living as well as for any exercise, so it follows that what you eat is essential for providing the body with the best source of that energy.

It is important to eat the correct ratio of protein and carbohydrates, no matter which form of exercise you are going to be doing. This ratio of protein to carbohydrates will depend on what type of exercise you do, for instance, cardio or resistance exercise and then also how intensely you intend to exercise.

How to Eat Before Working Out…to Lose weight Fast!

It is suggested that the optimum time to eat before you start your workout is about an hour before beginning.

For those people who want to keep their workout at a fairly low level, about 200 calories should be sufficient. For those who want to step it up to a really high level, taking in 4000 -5000 calories would be satisfactory.

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A cardio workout would require about 2/3 carbs and 1/3 protein, which will provide enough energy from the carbs while supplying sufficient protein for the muscles, but at the same time preventing them from breaking down.

Resistance exercise would require 1/3 carbs and 2/3 protein. This provides enough energy for the exercise you have chosen, and again, the protein level prevents minimal muscle breakdown.

As important as the meal you eat before the workout, correct eating for the post workout meal is equally important. Any kind of workout causes a loss of energy in the form of glycogen. Glycogen is the main source of energy for the brain and central nervous system.

If this is not replaced, then the body starts to break down muscle tissue into amino acids, and converts them into the fuel that the brain and central nervous system require.

While doing resistance exercise, what happens is the muscle tissue is broken down into small tears. Because the body is always healing and repairing itself, this is where the protein you have eaten is utilized to repair the muscle, so that said muscle is not broken down to create the energy needed for the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

After a cardio session it would be sensible to eat a predominantly carbohydrate rich meal containing high fiber. Some examples of correct eating for the workout would be rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta and northern fruits. About 30-50 grams of these carbs is ideal and this can be eaten 5-10 minutes after you have completed the workout.

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On completion of the resistance workout, it would be good to eat a carb/protein combo because of the muscle breakdown, which does not occur during cardio workouts. As previously stated this muscle breakdown causes small tears in the muscles.

The protein is used for the torn muscles so they can rebuild and repair themselves and become stronger than before. The carbs assist in replacing the glycogen that has been lost during exercise, and also assists with allowing the muscles to absorb the protein.

In respect of resistance exercise it is best to only eat 30 minutes after you have completed the workout.

This is in order to slow down the blood flow from the muscles, as it is needed for repairing the muscles by removing some of the metabolic waste products which are formed when exercising.

Eat correctly before and after working out and you will achieve the results you desire in muscle mass, dump that extra weight and firm up those areas that are flabby!



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