5 Best Remedies for Fast Relief for Bad Toothache!

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5 Best Remedies for Fast Relief for Bad Toothache!

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Oowwooh Toothache… Helpful Remedies you Can Use for Fast Relief!

Toothache is an all encompassing pain making it impossible to concentrate never mind eat, or drink. Here is what I consider the 5 best remedies to use when you have bad toothache.

Toothache can cause excruciating pain and a few day ago I had double the fun because one of my teeth broke and the other cracked giving me toothache on both my upper and lower sets of teeth.  Not being able to sleep of course I browsed the internet to see what remedies I could find for some relief. (Dentist appointment for me tomorrow oh joy…..)

I picked out some of the easier remedies for bad toothache I found online for using stuff you could find around the house, and in the kitchen. Although some did give relief, the best of remedy of all was biting down on a whole clove.

I have heard of this working from someone and praise the lord it gave me almost instant relief. Later I found out it is even better to grind the clove up and add some olive oil so that you have a paste to smear on the infected teeth.

Common Bad Toothache Pain Remedies

Here is what I consider 5 of the best one that will work for most when you have bad toothache pain, which normally happens at the most inopportune times…

  1. What I consider the best now after using it was cloves. I bit down on whole cloves, but they say it is better to grind them into a paste with some olive oil or even toothpaste. The relief is almost instant. Apparently cloves have antiseptic properties that fight infections with anesthetic properties to numb the pain.
  2. Mix a paste of salt and black pepper with some olive oil or cooking oil and put that on the affected painful area. This dulls the pain a little though it does burn a bit too.
  3. Garlic paste works well and I have also used this before and found it to be effective. Trust me when the pain is bad you are not gonna care much about bad breath or the smell. It also burns and does not taste too good either.
  4. Gargling green tea mixed with a little salt also helps and afterwards place the teabag onto the tooth for a little while. I used some Chinese green tea I had in the cupboard and it did help when I drank it but I never tried the teabag bit…
  5. Some say a good remedy for bad toothache is rubbing half an onion onto the affected area does numb it a little but this also causes burning in your mouth so although I read about this one I have never tried it out?

I am sure many people have used old grandma’s remedies to help for bad toothache and if you have some why not add your comments because toothache pain is really terrible, and sometimes you cannot get to see a dentist as soon as you would want…

One of the tips I always use before visiting the dentist is taking two pain killers, or headache pills, just before I go, and this makes the prodding and poking, drilling and injections a little less painful.

If you have some helpful tips for bad toothache and dentists visits share them with us….


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