5 Main Causes of Illness & Diseases!

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5 Main Causes of Illness & Diseases!

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causes of illness and diseases

causes of illness and diseases

5 Main Causes of Illness and Diseases.

In the last half century the incidence of chronic illnesses and diseases are the highest levels they have ever been. Diabetes, cancer, heart attack, stroke, depression, and organ failure, are just a few examples causing people to die younger than the case was in the 20th century.

It is quite easy to pinpoint the five main causes of illness and diseases, and do as much as possible to avoid them to live a better quality of life, and live longer too.

People born in the baby boomers era as it was called, are now living to ripe old ages, and still enjoying their golden years, many being active and healthy, and you have to ask why?  In a nutshell it was the simplicity of life. More often than not it is our own faults that we make our own lives over complicated and miserable…

Let us list the 5 main causes of illness and diseases, and see how you can decrease these factors in your life. In no particular order they are:

  1. High levels of Stress!
  2. Fear, worry, doubt, anger!
  3. Consuming Processed Foods and weight loss pressures!
  4. Use of excessive Technology and media pressures.
  5. Shock, trauma in life, denial of the facts!

These causes of illness and diseases can be avoided to a certain degree and here are some tips to do so.

  1. Reduce stress and feeling rushed in your life by taking time out for relaxation, and enjoying alone time. Learn how to meditate and do yoga. Stop listening to the media where it concerns what you have to eat, about being overweight, how you are supposed to look and dress, and where you HAVE to go! Leave politics to the politicians, and stop trying to change things that you cannot change. If you are in a stressful high powered job, change jobs, or delegate tasks to others to reduce your workloads. Take more vacations if you can or long weekends.
  1. Fear, Worry, doubt, anger, is all negative emotions that put pressure on how you handle your life. These causes of illness and diseases can be handled by avoiding situations that make you feel fearful. Worry is a waste of energy, because what will happen will happen. Stop doubting your abilities as well,  because you can only do what you can do, and as for anger, the saying count to ten and take deep breaths are a great way to handle this. When you are cross or feel like you are getting angry, hum to yourself and calm down. Stop making excuses, and start making people accept you for you and what you are capable of. be honest with yourself about everything, and you will start naturally being honest with everyone else.
  1. Eating processed foods. If it comes in a tin or a bottle, then it’s probably processed and stuffed with additives. It’s quite easy to eat a more natural diet, and you don’t need to go into a flat spin about what you eat either. There is too much pressure in the media telling you what to eat, and how to lose weight. Low fat products are not good for you, these being unnatural processed foods. Start enjoying your food rather than being so critical of it and you will naturally start eating the right foods because your body will tell you what you need. You will probably never have a cholesterol problem until you go to a doctor who tells you that you have one. Of course you will start worrying about that too.
  1. Technology Overload. Where ever you go, people are on the phone what’s upping, taking the next best picture for Instagram, or checking their social media accounts. Facebook, twitter and other social media are all high maintenance. Learn to switch your phone off, and stop stressing about what everyone else is doing on Facebook, or social media sites. Reduce sitting behind laptops, tabs and computers, and go outside more to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air more. Before the year 2000, everyone did just fine without all the technology, which now batters your conscious, and subconscious from all angles. You don’t need an app to do everything….
  1. Shock trauma in life and denial. Death is natural and everyone will die. It’s a huge shock and trauma losing someone close to you, especially if it is before their time. God has mapped out a destiny for everyone. It’s hard to understand his will, and when you suffer from a huge shock in life like this, get as much support from friends’ family and colleagues as you can. Trauma and big shocks in life are major causes of illness, and diseases, often triggering type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart diseases. Support and acceptance are very hard when suffering incidences like these, but self blame and denial of the facts, can also cause you an early death, or trigger a chronic illness. Love more and nurture your relationships naturally, right now today…. tomorrow may be too late to say what you wanted to a loved one. I know this after losing two brother and my parents very young.

Try and live a simple life, because doing so will help you enjoy it more. Take more time out for yourself, play with children, go outside, and enjoy the natural gifts we have been given more. Learn how to meditate, get happiness life coaching if you cannot do it alone. Some simple changes in your life will work wonders and its up top you to apply them. Apply these simple tips will reduce the main causes of illness and diseases which these factors are causing in our fast paced modern lifestyles. Be more accepting of what life gives you. The crosses you bear will become lighter too.

I don’t even own a smart phone or tab…..the limited time I spend typing this on my old donkey desktop to write this, was enough time for me with technology. I am deaf too but life is still great…I’m loving it!


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