5 Simple Tips to Keep the Weight off this Christmas and New Year!

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5 Simple Tips to Keep the Weight off this Christmas and New Year!

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Keeping the Weight off this Christmas.

Losing weight is tougher than gaining it, and over the festive season you are surely going to pack on a few pounds when you indulge. If you are careful you won’t do too much damage and these useful tips should help you maintain your normal weight.

It’s also going to be hard to stick to a workout routine with so many parties, family gatherings and special holidays. However substitute this with alternative activities as discussed later on in this article.

During Christmas and New Year you need to be a lot more conscious about what you eat, and how much you eat, but this does not mean punishing yourself. Simply follow a plan of moderation when eating and drinking alcohol.

Staying active as much as possible is also a sensible idea, and make sure you are getting lots of fresh air, and sticking to drinking plenty of water which should already be a healthy habit.

  1. Beware of the calories in alcohol beverages.

Every beer you drink is said to be the equivalent of eating two slices of white bread, so if you love beer go for the Lite brands which will halve this.

Don’t think wine is not a culprit either, because it is similar in calories with a full glass clocking in around 1000 calories as well. Chose your wine carefully and in some stores there are Lite brands available as well.

All hard alcohol drinks like whisky, Cane, vodka and brandy when consumed with your choice of your mix, are also laden with calories, so try and drink less and enjoy every beverage more.

Coca-cola is a common choice of mix and as everyone is already aware of, this is laced with high sugar content, as are most of fizzy drinks used for mixes and this sugar will make haste converting into fat that will make you bulge an your clothes feel tighter. Even flavored fizzy water contains calories so moderation here as well.

After a heavy night, or weekend of drinking, spend an entire day flushing out your body, clearing your liver and kidneys by drinking water mixed with lemon juice, until your urine is completely clear.


Enjoy Eating Well, but Still Eat Right!

There are going to be lots of goodies to eat over Christmas and New Year, but you can still eat sensibly and stop eating when you are full.

Eat slowly, chew your food properly and chat while you are eating giving your brain time to signal your body you have had enough. Also realize that you don’t have to always finish that huge plate of food, just for the sake of finishing it…

Even though there are plenty of different foods and snacks you will enjoy at parties and restaurants, stick to making sure that you get all the food groups. Include fiber and carbohydrates in the form of oats, brown rice and potatoes. Get your fresh fruit from fruit salads and leafy salads.

Avoid animal fats by trimming off the fat off your meats because fat will double the calories content. You don’t need avoid it altogether but eat in decreased portions.

Slow down with the relishes and sauces, and salty foods. It goes without saying that these add huge calories to your meal.

  1. Don’t Shop On an Empty Stomach.

Have a good breakfast at a coffee shop before you go shopping, because the saying not to shop on an empty stomach is true in every sense. You shop with your eyes and sweets and treats which are in full view everywhere look extra delicious which can cause you to buy, eat and indulge.

  1. Cut down on your bad habits.

I am not going to lecture here about the health risks of bad habits but cut down as much as you can. Smoke and drink less if you have these vices, because this is the time you will intend to overindulge, even in these bad habits.

Perhaps with the upcoming New Year you can make a firm resolve to give up a bad habit to enhance your health.

  1. Get Natural Exercise Without Knowing it.

Most people will spend time with the family so play with your children/ grandchildren, go for walks to see the Christmas lights and shows. Treat your dog by taking it for more walks, park further away from the shops rather than just frustrating yourself trying to park as close as possible.

  1. Safety and Security.

Be vigilant at this time of the year because criminal take advantage of people that are more relaxed on holidays and vacations… Keep cash, tucked away from plain sight and when you draw from ATMs put it away immediately.

Hold tightly onto wallets, handbags and valuables like jewelry, and keep your home and vehicle locked.

Wishing you many blessings to you this Christmas and a wonderful year ahead with all the joys, love and goodwill upon you.

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