7 Smart Women Fitness Tips You Should Know!

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7 Smart Women Fitness Tips You Should Know!

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7 Smart Tips for Women Fitness.

Whether you play sport or just like doing some exercising at home there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. Perhaps you are passionate about a certain sport like tennis or netball and want to stay fit for that purpose, or is it weight loss you have in mind? Follow these women fitness tips to achieve whatever goals you have in mind

These 7 smart tips for women fitness will give you maximum benefits from your exercising and activities.

  1. First of all follow a proper workout program that will best suit you for the amount of time you wish to exercise. The workout plan must suit your age, your health, and be the type where you will not injure yourself.

If you have had surgery, just given birth, or have a chronic illness are all factors to be considered in what type of workout you can do.  A certified personal trainer or online fitness program     can help you get a proper plan.

  1. You need to set realistic achievable targets. If weight loss and shaping your body are your goals you will only make yourself frustrated if you expect results in one month. In addition to this a practical workable fitness program needs to be designed to suit your goals. Forget about one week weightless or instant fitness programs promising you the earth.
  1. A proper set of exercises will work on the parts of your body where muscles are, and you can choose specific types of exercises for different parts of the body… For weight loss fitness, as you develop more muscles, so you burn more calories and thus reduce body fat. Yoga, aerobics and some light weight lifting are recommended to build muscle. Get help and do some research to discover which exercises work on which parts of your body.
  1. Increase the exercise sets to build muscles in your workout plans. You have to challenge your muscles each time making them work harder. Keep a diary to record your daily sets and the results, and this will aid in making the progress based on your previous data and the goals you have set.
  1. Do workouts in sets of exercises in 10 repetitions per movements. Every number that was accomplished in sets is called a repetition. If you find that your exercises are becoming easier increase the sets to keep challenging your muscles each time.
  1. Vary your women fitness program in workouts so that you are flexible and perform a variety of exercises and sets. You can alternate workouts for different parts of your body so that your fitness program and achievements do not stagnate. Doing the same exercises in every workout will make you become bored and this will result in loss of motivation. A personal trainer or online exercise program will help you in this case.
  1. Stay Motivated as possible! Doing workouts with a friend or family member will help you keep each other motivated to reach your goals. Diarize each other’s progress; challenge each other in the amounts of reps you can achieve. Do workouts correctly to avoid injury because this will put you off exercising entirely.

If you really hate exercising, women fitness can be achieved withr more natural stuff like riding a bike around the neighborhood, travelling further and further distances. …or you can walk. Use the stairs at work or even at home. Play with your kids or grand kids or get involved in helping out with school sports as a volunteer. Walk the dog, walk to the shops and so forth. You know by now what natural activity is all about…

Just remember that not all women fitness programs work for all types of people even if they promise they will. Online exercise programs and personal trainers are well worth the investment if you are determined to achieve that slim lean body. There is no specific workout that is best for all women because we are NOT all created equal… It is best to learn from experienced personal trainers and fitness people. Learn some self-discipline, keep yourself motivated, and when working out try and work harder everyday with a variety of different exercises.


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