Weight Loss Pandemic.. The Brainwashing Continues!

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Weight Loss Pandemic.. The Brainwashing Continues!

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Weight Loss Lifestyle Changes

The Dieting Pandemic, Weight Loss Brainwashing!

Weight Loss Lifestyle Changes


Lifestyle Weight Loss.. That’s it!

Staying on the subject of weight loss like my last article, its incredible that almost every magazine on the shelf has an article on the front page to catch your eye!

Yes…In every magazine you read there will be articles about losing weight, about special dieting plans or how to get that perfect body. You are already brainwashed enough by the weight loss industry, and in the media that you need to have a perfect body to function, and to fit in with society.

Some people suffer from metabolic eating disorders, and they may need special nutrition plans, or hospital and psychiatric treatments. Some may need special eating plans to maintain a healthy weight, but not diets.

Almost all dieting plans recommend exercise to lose weight and while this is good for you, it will not make much difference to your weight.

Read this article that will help you take responsibility of your health, make you realize that dieting can turn out to be a slow killer of your mind and body, and even cause you to GAIN weight.

Unnatural weight Loss methods

You need to understand that dieting, and taking of weight loss drugs, supplements, and following unnatural ways of eating to lose weight fast, and appetite suppression methods are all threats to being naturally healthy.

You want to know why diets you have attempted don’t help you achieve your weight loss goals, and worse, some even result in your gaining weight! The answer is simple you are not listening to your body or understanding its needs…Lifestyle weight loss is best and its quite easy when you know how Click here for More

In modern lifestyles there is a new trend in men women and even children to become fatter and heavier, and gleefully, the weight loss industry feeds on this.

Billions upon billions of Dollars are spend by people desperately trying to lose weight, and this can end up you being on a treadmill of self destruction, misery, low self esteem and a slow self destruction of your health.

Today statistics indicate that as much as 55% of people are overweight and many dangerously so. We eat too much, too fast and of all the wrong foods.

Weight Loss facts

Some people eat less than the recommended daily amount of calories yet they are still steadily putting on weight, or are already overweight even obese. Another important fact that has come to light through research is that fatter people even eat less than thinner people.

Weight loss plans and dieting can create conditions that cause you to pick up weight. Some diets claim that you can lose 10 or more pounds in a matter of weeks but this is not true at all.

While some weight may be water loss, the other weight you lose is the glycogen a form of glucose stored in your muscles and liver. The loss of this glycogen triggers intense hunger pangs because your brain believes you are experiencing famine so signals you urgently need to food.

As for exercise, the correct type of exercise helps reduce fat, but you gain lean muscle tissue to replace this so your body weight still remains static. You can eat more to maintain the muscles you build as they are more metabolically active tissues.

Too Much Sugar Not Fat!

Diet books give you plans to reduce intake of food to lose weight but this is incorrect because it is rather the quality of food you eat rather than the quantity that matters.

Western society consume too much sugar which has no real benefits in nourishment, and the high incidences of processed foods are what contribute to the modern range of cardiovascular diseases, colon cancers, diabetes, and stomach ailments.

Consumption of too much energy gained from nourishing food can also make you gain weight, especially if you live a sedentary lifestyle.

Maintaining good health and a balanced body weight is simple really. Regular activity of any sort, fresh air healthy quality foods are all you need.

Dieting and weight loss books confuse you with calorie counting, brainwashing into eating low fat meals, boosting metabolic rates, and eating certain foods which result in you not getting sufficient nutrient, vitamins and minerals in your diet.

You have the freedom to eat what you desire as long as you remain active. Your body will become lean but your weight will stay the same, because fat is turned into muscle, and this needs to be maintained. READ MORE ABOUT THIS HERE

Self Destruction Through Weight Loss Plans.

Dieting is a path to self destruction a miserable way of life, having to be careful to eat exactly according to a plan designed by SOMEONE else, being bombarded, and brainwashed  in believing you are ugly because you are fat, and living a lifestyle you can never enjoy.

You just need to make a simple change in your lifestyle, but you must be ready to do so on your terms.

Learn what quality is when you eat, and understand quantity, know what your body needs; and what must be avoided, and with just a few small tweaks to your eating habits you will reach your natural body weight and be in control of your life which is the way it should be!