Achieving Your Fitness Goals!

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Achieving Your Fitness Goals!

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Increasing your Fitness Goals.

Regular exercise is great to maintain good health and if you are into sports you should train as often as you can to increase competitiveness.

As you increase fitness levels, the intensity of your workouts must therefore increase and also be for longer periods. Exercise levels can start from beginner through to expert levels which are peak physical fitness.

To work through levels of fitness means intensifying some parts of the training you are doing. For an example: if you are doing athletic training like jogging or running, increase speed and stamina levels by prolonging running sessions by 5 minutes or more each session.

It is Important did you challenge your current fitness level as you progress otherwise you will be stuck in a fitness rut

Avoid these Training Mistakes

Avoid doing your cardio exercises before bedtime because your energy levels will be high and as a result you will have a difficult time sleeping.

if you are into weight training then do your  cardio exercises right after weight lifting and  not before. It is a great idea to have a snack or energy bar 30 minutes before doing the cardio exercises.

Do not start training sessions on an empty stomach but rather eat at least an hour or at the worst 30 minutes before starting training sessions.

Having mentioned the above, avoid indulging in large meals before exercise sessions.  Work out what your body  needs to burn up the energy you will be using so that you do not become exhausted.

Keep Fitness Training regular.

It is good to do the cardio exercises before and after training sessions but sometimes you are unable to get to a gym for this. In these cases or for busy people, it is a good idea to own fitness equipment for home work outs.  This will help you maintain consistency with the workout Schedules you want to stick to.


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