Are you Suffering from Bad Vagina Smells?

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Are you Suffering from Bad Vagina Smells?

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Treat bad vagina smells

Learn About Vaginal yeast infections

Bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections are the most common types of infections that attack a great number of women causing bad vagina smells. This infection appears in the internal area of vagina. It occurs due to the overgrowth of fungi called Yeast or Candida infection. This fungus normally lives in vaginal area along with other friendly bacteria that keep its growth in control. In medical terms, vaginal yeast infections they are called as “candidiasis” or “monilla”. Fortunately there is an all natural treatment for bacterial vaginosis

Signs and Symptoms, of bacterial vaginosis

The signs and symptoms of this infection are common among all women. These include bad fish in nature acrid vagina smells; burning, itching and irritation inside the vaginal area or on the skin outside vagina that is called vulva. If you note these signs and symptoms in your vagina, you should consult your doctor for medical checkup immediately. These bad vagina smells are not only embarrassing for you but will also make your partner avoid intimate contact with you as well.

What Causes Vaginal bacterial infections?

There are various things that cause vaginal yeast infections in female. These causes include the following. Douching, a weak immune system, and the use of antibiotics that kill friendly bacteria that is found in vagina and keep the overgrowth of yeast in control, diabetes or high blood sugar levels. Other causes may be injury to inner vaginal area such as serious damage to the cells from chemotherapy or from any other treatment.

You can also get a bad vagina smells from sexual intercourse and poor hygiene which will develop into an infection.

Is There Any Way to prevent vaginal Infection?

Vaginal yeast infections can be very disturbing for you because these infections restrict you from carrying out outdoor activities by creating discomfort to your vaginal area, and also social contact because you are acutely aware of your bad vagina smells and chances are others can smell them too!.

There are some really effective ways that you can use to prevent these infections. However, you should keep into mind that you cannot completely eliminate the chances of getting a vaginal yeast infection. You can only reduce your chances of developing this infection. A very important thing that you should do to prevent this infection is to maintain a strong immune system and to maintain natural balance of microorganisms inside your vaginal area. Following are some effective ways that can be used to prevent vaginal thrush.

Stay away from douching,  avoid using scented hygiene products such as sprays, bubble bath, tampons and pads, change tampons and sanitary pads often during menstrual periods  and avoid wearing tight underwear and  underwear or clothes made of synthetic fibers. Also change out wet exercise clothes or swimsuits as quick as you can!

How Vaginal infections are treated?

These types of infections are treated by various methods. There are over-the-counter medicines that can be purchased from any big drug store. There are also a number of home remedies that can be used at home to treat this infection naturally. In addition to this, there are some prescription drugs that your doctor will prescribe you.

It is firmly advised to consult doctor or a health care provider, if you are experiencing this infection first time or any bad vagina smells which will immediately alert you something is wrong . If you are expecting a baby, you should avoid using self-medication because it can be harmful for you and your baby. The wise practice to treat this infection is to get medical consultation from a qualified doctor to make sure your infection is not serious.



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