Beating the Health Risks of Diabetes!

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Beating the Health Risks of Diabetes!

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Health Risks of diabetes

If you have been diagnosed by your doctor with diabetes then perhaps he would have told you about some serious health risks of diabetes.  Perhaps you have done some research online to find out more about your condition which is the sensible thing to do.

Millions of people suffer from diabetes but with proper management of this disease there is no reason you cannot live a normal life. Some common health risks of diabetes are listed below and you will agree that noting these makes it very important to take care of your health carefully when you suffer from diabetes!

How do health risks of Diabetes affect me?

There are more specific factors that affect people that have diabetes in being more prone to health risks of diabetes. Examples of these are your age, heredity whether your past family suffers from this and your ethnicity. Having mentioned this, these health risks of diabetes remain the same with the risk increasing due to factors above.

Here are some main health risks of diabetes:


Doctors and specialists say that people suffering from diabetes have greater risks to having coronary heart diseases and suffering from strokes. Because there is a lesser amount of insulin in the body compared to people that do not suffer from diabetes, diabetics have higher incidences of blood clotting which can result in high blood pressure the main causes of heart attacks and strokes.


Common health risks of diabetes are kidney failure because the blood-filtering of the kidneys are not as efficient as before and may even be damaged. Once the kidney mechanisms have been damaged, important proteins are passed with urine. Blood pressure also increases due to this problem and to assist in prevention you should stop smoking and reduce alcohol intake.

This health risk refers to the group of eye problems that diabetics—can develop as a result of chronic diabetes diseases. These health risks of diabetes to the eyes include diabetic retinopathy, damaged vessels of the eye retinas, cataracts, and cloudiness in the lenses of the eyes.

Further to this other complications include glaucoma, and increased pressure of fluids inside the eyes that is damaging to optic nerves. The above diseases of the eye more prevalent in diabetes could result in loss of vision.


If you suffer from diabetes and also drink and smoke you could be prone to developing neuropathy.


This disorder is mainly suffered by people with type 1 diabetes and involves the stomach as a result of prolonged emptying. The disease is responsible for damaging the “vagus nerve” which is the way your body maintains food moving through your digestive tract. Although this health risk also diagnosed among sufferers that have “type 2 diabetes” instances are a lot less.

There are other health risks of diabetes to watch out for but the ones we have mentioned are the most serious. It is vital to take better care of yourself while suffering from this disease and you can even overcome it. Watch this Interesting Video by clicking here or on the banner above!


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