Best Treatments For Teeth Grinding called Bruxism!

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Best Treatments For Teeth Grinding called Bruxism!

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Stop Teeth Grinding Naturally!

Teeth grinding, also known as bruxism, does not only disrupt your partner’s good night sleep, it also damages your teeth, gums, and jaw. There are several ways to treat this problem including medications, surgery, and lifestyle and behavior modification. However, the easiest and the one that promises immediate result is through the use of bruxism night guards. Look at the banner above for a holistic treatment if your teeth grinding problem is not serious, or read on!

Holistic Treatments for Bruxism

Mouth guards or night guards are made from durable plastic material and are intended to prevent your teeth from touching while you sleep. Daytime mouth guards are also available but because nocturnal teeth grinding puts more pressure and damage to your teeth, this article will only focus on the use of a bruxism night guard.

A night guard is hard and durable enough to withstand the pressure caused by grinding of teeth. It can be acquired through your dentist who will fit the night guard to your bite pattern to fit your mouth and teeth accurately. This is the easiest cure to teeth grinding as it offers an instant solution to teeth gritting problems.

Try Out Mouth Guards to protect your teeth

The guards are worn during the night and users might feel uncomfortable when using it for the first time. The best ones are those approved by the FDA and are custom-fitted by your dentist. Because it is fitted especially for your mouth and teeth, it won’t fall out of place during the night and will protect your teeth from touching, reducing the pressure on your teeth and pain on your jaw muscles. However, these can be quite costly compared to mouth guards that can be bought in drugstores.

Over the counter mouth guards are available in a variety of sizes but are mostly in one size that fits most people. It is cheap compared to the ones fitted by your dentists but if it does not fit snugly into your teeth or mouth, it won’t be of much help. Over the counter night guards should be durable enough and can be disinfected through boiling for your protection. Most over the counter bruxism night guards are disposable after a few nights of usage. While it may not be recommended for long-term use, it is best used in sports events.

Adults and Children suffer from teeth grinding

Adults and children are both affected by this problem at some point in their lives. While most children outgrow the symptoms as they grow older, some do not and continue to grind their teeth throughout their adolescence and adult life. As teeth grinding is ignored, it becomes a habit that is hard to manage. Many people sometimes clench or grind their teeth involuntarily during the day, causing further damage to the jaw and teeth.

Night guards are as effective as you use it. Though only a temporary solution, a bruxism night guard prevents your teeth from cracking and your jaw from soreness and pain.

There are natural ways to treat bruxism. One of the newest solutions can be found here!


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