Beware of Depression and Its Disastrous Consequences!

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Beware of Depression and Its Disastrous Consequences!

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Depression treatment Options

Depression treatment Options

Understanding Depression  and Some Depression Treatment Options.

With so much in the news lately regarding depression, rising suicide rates, and younger and younger people suffering from this illness, I thought I would touch on the subject this week. In the past I have also submitted a study about depression under a pen name on Kindle called ‘Depressicide’

Now classified as a real illness depression is categorized under different types ranging from a major depressive disorder, chronic manic depression, postnatal depression, Postpartum depression and many others. All are serious disorders of depression and the treatment options are similar for almost all of them.

It is vital to know the symptoms of depression because you can also help someone close to you and even save their lives. Most suicides are linked to depression but that is common knowledge, and the reason stems from people feeling they no longer have any self value, ability to function, or enjoy anything in life anymore. Deep sadness, loneliness, and unhappiness all add to the person feeling completely hopeless. If you know of someone suffering deep clinical depression help them find suitable depression treatment options and if possible work with them until they overcome this illness.

Natural Depression Treatment Options.

Common treatment for depression is a prescription of anti depressants but the downside of this the reliance on the drugs, and of course they have further negative physical effects on the body as well. Depression  treatment options also include therapy sessions which can be very expensive, and interrupting for daily routines, plus the option of having to travel.

Recent case studies have now uncovered an effective way to treat depression through natural mindfulness training which can be a longer term solution because this helps the person reverse the feelings of unhappiness, low self esteem and the feelings of being unfulfilled. Serious cases of depression may be better treated through professional therapy sessions, but a diagnosis by a qualified doctor is the first step.

People that are suffering from clinical depression cannot just find simple solutions, so beware of those that have seemed to suddenly found an instant cure. They may have decided on a drastic way to end it all and this firm decision has made them feel better. This solution that has made them feel happier may be to commit suicide to end the deep hopelessness they are suffering

If you see someone suffering deep unhappiness and sadness, hopelessness, and lack of interest in everything around them reach out and offer real help. No one should ever have to feel completely alone and with a variety of depression and the treatment options there is surely going to be one that can help those suffering clinical depression find fulfillment and meaning to life again…

Just remember people suffering deep depression do not have the ability to get themselves help.  read about mindfulness depression treatment option recently discussed in the media…

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