Breast Cancer Awareness for All Our Beautiful Women!

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Breast Cancer Awareness for All Our Beautiful Women!

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Breast Cancer

For all Our Beautiful Ladies in the World.. From Princesses to Grandmas.

Get Tested for Breast Cancer!

Breast Cancer

Sharing is Caring! For All Our Women out There!

With a firsthand, or perhaps for want of a better word ‘secondhand’ experience of breast cancer,  Ladies, I would like you to read this article, because you are special. Please share it too..

A year ago I lost my sister to the dreadful disease of cancer, and simultaneously in the same month, as you perhaps all know, my wife was diagnosed with having level 3B- level- 8 breast cancers, a very dangerous condition which consequently turned our lives upside down and still affects our lives today!

A few days ago while my wife was having her yearly mammogram, (and dozens of other tests besides),while I was sitting in the waiting room, I noticed a large poster on the wall which stated:

Has your Wife, Girlfriend, Mum, Daughter or Grandma had her yearly mammogram? >>Please share this if you love someone…<<<

That is why I am sharing this with you!

All women are special, the mothers of nature, our children, our angels and carers, and in my opinion, no man can do without you by his side. So let me Share this with all you ladies…

I Want to Warn You of Breast Cancer, and Remind You That it is Time For You to Get Tested!

There are scary statistics on the WHO website which show that breast cancer is on the increase worldwide with over a 65% increase in the last decade, and obviously the incidence is a 100 times more common in women than in men.  Read more about Breast Cancer Research Here Too

Hormones and chemicals in food are one of the main culprits, and the high incidences of stress levels in our society has been PROVEN to contribute to getting cancer, and also spreading this ugly disease faster in your body compared to people with low stress levels. Diets that are high in animal fats, processed foods and fast foods, are also increasing the incidence of all sorts of cancers besides breast cancer, and with high hormone levels in food like I just mentioned, cancer is becoming a serious disease epidemic worldwide.

Will I Get Breast Cancer…You May Ask?

Although breast cancer was once mostly common after the ages of 35, younger women are now suffering from this deadly disease, and if you should get it, believe that it will turn your life upside down, and affect all those around you forever.

Today more than ever before, it is crucial to get properly tested with a full mammogram done at least once a year. Yet still too few women go for these tests! Unfortunately sometimes cancer in the breasts causes you no pain, and you cannot even feel a lump or abnormality when it is deeper within the breast. Maybe you have no symptoms at all… but you may still have it?

While researching statistics on the WHO website I noted that it shows 1 in 6 women may develop breast cancer, and with these high rates regular testing  is vital, especially if you are over 30 because the earlier breast cancer is detected, the better the range of treatment options.

If breast cancer is detected early there is a 90 % survival rate…

Breast Cancer Awareness

A Frightening Diagnosis…

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is terrifying for anyone, and with your experience with this disease, I have spoken with many women that have had mild, to serious cases of breast cancer.

It is often mentioned in these conversations almost in every case, that if the cancer had been diagnosed early it would not have ne been necessary to undergo a painful mastectomy or even in some cases a double mastectomy.  Most also claimed they were not even aware they had cancer until someone recommended they get tested, or perhaps saw an advertisement on television or in a magazine that prompted them to get tested.

For all cases of cancer early diagnosis can mean the difference between losing a breast to mastectomy and even saving your life, because early diagnosis means accessing prompt treatment that can rid of the cancer completely.  Since my wife being diagnosed with cancer the entire experience has been life changing, and in speaking to others men and women, doctors and oncologists I even wrote a book ‘From Cancer To Mastectomy ‘that will perhaps help men care for their wives or partners, and also cope on a personal level.

Breast Awareness…Why Keep Ignoring it?

Just like you take care of every part of your body; breast awareness for women is vitally important, and you should be familiar with the shape and feel of your breasts, in order to be aware of what you know what is normal, and thus be alerted immediately when there are changes when they occur. Breast self examination only takes a few minutes but it can save your life!

Most women believe it will not happen that they will get breast cancer or any cancer because after all they are living as healthy a lifestyle as possible. Wrong!

What is worse that only 1 out of 10 women believe it is necessary to go for a yearly mammogram which is an inexpensive, and painless test; (actually more uncomfortable than anything else my wife tells me). This test will detect early forms of breast cancer if any are evident, and also discover it before lumps can become evident. Often an ultrasound test is also done during the mammogram test, to look for any abnormal tissues in the breasts, and rule out any inconsistencies.

Every woman has unique sizes and shapes of breasts, and they will undergo mild and natural changes during menstrual cycles, when you are pregnant, and during later years in menopause cycles.  The most important person that must take care and self examine your breasts as regularly as possible are YOU…

Breast Cancer Testing

Here are Some Tips I Read about Doing Breast Self Examination:

Stand in front of a large mirror in your bathroom in a relaxed position, and thoroughly examine your breasts, and then raise your arms noting the way your breast shape changes. Contract your chest muscles and turn side to side, seeking any abnormalities or odd feelings of pain or aches

Another way to self test is in the lying down position with a firm pillow under your upper back. Use your fingers to gently examine both breasts, looking for any lumps, dimpling of skin, or changes in your nipples. Gently squeeze each nipple, and make sure there are no discharges. Below are some things to be aware of while doing self examinations.

Signs that You Should Look out For in Breast Changes:

    1. Changes in shape our outline of your breast often noticeable with arm movements and during exercise.
    2. Abnormal dimples, wrinkles, or puckering of the skin on your breasts.
    3. Discomfort in your breasts especially when it is persistent and new to you.
    4. Any lumps or bumps in your breasts either one or the other easily noticeable if it is only in one of your breasts.
    5. Abnormal nipple discharges or any type whether, watery or light, or dark in color. Also notice if there is a change in the position or the nipple pointing differently even slightly.
    6. Rashes and tenderness on your breast which do not respond to standard treatments of creams, or topical ointments.

Breast Cancer Signs

These abnormalities if discovered do not always mean you have breast cancer, but if you notice any of the symptoms’ or changes mentioned above, then make no delay is seeking medical attention and full mammogram tests should be done immediately.

Pain killers, and other home remedies can mask the symptoms but the worst you can do is not having proper mammogram test and avoiding this can make it too late.

Self diagnosis is not difficult if you are aware of how your breast should look and feel under normal circumstances. When women discover abnormalities in their breasts then even fear of having cancer prevents them from getting tested and this can mean that the cancer can spread to other parts of your body.

Ladies consider getting tested as soon as possible if it has been a long time since you last had a mammogram. Don’t wait until it is too late because this terrible disease is a hateful thing!

Breast cancer Awareness