Bruxism In Children and Treatments!

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Bruxism In Children and Treatments!

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What is Bruxism in children and How to Treat this Condition? Click here for More

Treat Bruxism early To protect your teeth

Bruxism in Children can cause Restless Sleep Patterns

A Goods nights sleep is essential to living a healthy and well life. In today’s fast paced lifestyles this is even more the case, and many people do not get as much sleep as they should. Even children can suffer from having restless nights and if they are under stress they could suffer from teeth grinding and jaw clenching problems.

A good night’s sleep is crucial to relaxing and relieving stress to prepare us for the new day. Unfortunately, stress and tension often take their toll, and rob many of this vital relaxation time. People suffering from large amounts of stress and tension can suffer from a condition known as TMJ and bruxism. Simply defined, bruxism is clenching, grinding, and gnashing of teeth during sleep.

This frequent ailment affects men and women of all ages and bruxism in children is also becoming a common ailment. Fortunately there are many effective bruxism treatments that can be investigated for teeth grinding which does great harm to your teeth and even affects the gums

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Some Causes of Bruxism in Children and adults

For bruxism in children the problems often come as a result of teeth grinding and gnashing as their upper and lower rows of teeth may not be correctly aligned, or because of a pain in the ears or in their mouth. If the child is teething, or has an ear ache, teeth grinding and jaw clenching TMJ is often a means to alleviate the pain. There are other known causes of bruxism in children that may include hyperactivity or medical conditions like cerebral palsy.

For most adults, bruxism occurs as a response to stress and the result of teeth grinding can be severe of mild. Constant bruxism may cause headaches and ear pain, out of the tooth enamel, jaw problems (TMJ), and greater teeth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Children with bruxism and even adult sufferers will suffer from common symptoms like soreness of facial or jaw muscles, in the morning, or pain and sensitivity while chewing food. Parents may detect bruxism in children while sleeping because of the noise it makes. It is a good idea to consult with a dentist and doctor for diagnosis. Once TMJ and bruxism has been diagnosed, it is vital to deal with the problem in a proactive way. Investigate TMJ and Bruxism treatments which come in a variety of different options

Different Bruxism Treatments

Children with bruxism can undergo natural inexpensive bruxism treatments. This range from special custom night guards may cost upwards of $1,000 when fitted by your dentist. While they offer a good solution for teeth grinding, the patient must first get fitted and then purchase a new night guard should any dental changes arise.

Another option for bruxism and TMJ treatment is buying inexpensive night guards at the local drug or grocery store but often these are bulky, and uncomfortable. For bruxism in children the best option could be a natural treatment rather then expensive surgery and trips to a dentist.

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