Cancer Treatments: Killing a Cockroach With A Bazooka!

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Cancer Treatments: Killing a Cockroach With A Bazooka!

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Devastating Cancer Treatments

Conventional Cancer Treatments: Killing a Cockroach with a Bazooka!

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Devastating Cancer Treatments

Cancer and Chemotherapy (Breaking Bad?!)

I sat in the chemotherapy treatment room for over 3 hours,  and watched how my wife was given the treatment through a number of different drips, starting with pre meds to help for the terrible side effects, and then onto the full blown chemo medicines.  Imagine how deeply sorry I felt for her, as well as angry that she had developed this disease, and frustrated at how she has been suffering all these dreadful treatments, starting from having the mastectomy, then on to the radiation, and now chemotherapy treatments for the next 12 weeks!

Add to all the misery of numerous tests like all the scans, X-rays,  multiple blood tests, physical therapy etc ,and you can believe  that it is a waking nightmare! Cancer has already caused the death of my sister back in June 2016, the very same month my wife was diagnosed with cancer, and then had to get a mastectomy to ‘have it removed’… After being diagnosed of being all clear after this surgery, the cancer still came back and you can imagine how devastated we were on hearing this.

In the ongoing research I have done on cancer and its treatments a lot of it online, I have read on one website that chemotherapy treatment for cancer is compared with ‘trying to kill a cockroach with a bazooka’ because the chemo medications are so poisonous to your body… I am sure most people also know about the horrible side effects of this treatment as well, and yes cancer eats away at you, slowly turns people that suffer from this disease into a shell of their former selves.

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Why Do We get This Dreadful Disease Cancer???

Looking at all the people there with drips in their arms getting chemotherapy treatment, thoughts that went through my mind were about how we go through life trying to be so careful to remain healthy and fit, also listening to the media and all the experts, constantly telling us to avoid feeding our body with poisons like processed foods, food chemicals, and fast foods for some examples; because they can all cause cancer.  Still trying to stay healthy and doing all the right things a person unfortunately ends up getting cancer, and now to treat this they pump all those expensive poisons into your body anyway.

In the waiting room, there were some magazines and books about cancer survivors I also had time to page through, and it further made me wonder about what REALLY causes this disease. There was a story guy that never smoked a single cigarette in his life, yet was diagnosed with terminal cancer, a young woman that never touched a drop of alcohol, yet had liver cancer.

What about children that develop this dreadful disease. What did they do that supposedly caused it? When you think on all this it truly starts to make you wonder WHAT REALLY causes this dreadful disease.  When you or someone in the family gets cancer then the fact of the matter is that you have to be very tough to cope with this disease, and your partner has to be tough, or a parent with a child with cancer too, because it is hell to get through. Add the financial burdens to this all and life becomes a struggle!

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So Where to From Here With Cancer so Prevalent in our Lives?

It’s nice to know that there are some natural treatments now being researched, and some of these are even available if you know where to look, but some have been kept as illegal. The latest cancer research is now focused on the ‘Blushwood Tree’ extracts from Australia, and of course the widely proven cure of Cannabis oils. You have got to wonder how long and IF ever these natural and affordable treatments will ever be released on the market or will they be suppressed by greedy pharmaceutical giants until cancer has killed off half of the world population?

To everyone that is suffering from cancer or a dread disease or has a family member suffering with one, my prayers and blessings go to you and I wish you strength every step of the way. Just believe you will prevail, send out your prayers and ask others to pray for you and all will be well…

Thanks to the support of our amazing family so far we have been able to overcome and I am sure that my wife will be healed to live along happy life. She is a good person and never done anyone harm. Bad things happen to good people…sure but why?