Cherish The Woman in Your Life!

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Cherish The Woman in Your Life!

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To all Women….You are Beautiful & Special!

Men only have half an idea of how much trouble, and time women go to so that they can look beautiful. While waiting in a beauty salon for my wife, I spent a good hour and a half watching all the women in there getting their nails, and make up done, and their hair styled. While watching them all big small, short tall, young and old, it struck me how special all women are, and how much more us men should appreciate them.

Later I thought to myself….they would go to great pains and effort, and expense,to choose the perfect outfit to complete the look….

I sat there wondering whether the men in their life would pay them a genuine worthwhile compliment for all this effort, and probably most will not…

Every woman already has an inner beauty, and the window dressing just enhances this. Mother, wife, bearer of children; every girl, young lady, and mature woman should be revered by men.

To the Guys out There…

This Christmas and New Year season, and beyond, make an extra effort to spoil your wife, daughter, fiance, mother, friend or the women you love in your life. Do this in every way you can….

A genuine compliment from the heart showing your love and appreciation, makes it all worth her while when she does so much to look like an angel for you.

Never stop showing how much you care by giving little hugs and kisses, flowers, and small gifts, and telling the woman in your life how special they are, not just over the holidays but throughout they year and always.

Never stop telling your wife and daughters, (and children she gave you)… how much you love them!

Women make the world function, and without them men are nothing.

To all women over Christmas and New Year, I wish blessings and goodwill to you. Your gentle hearts and caring are what make the world go round.  If a man does not believe there are angels around, all he has to do is, simply look in front of him.

To all guys seeking an angel …when you are lucky to find one treat her special. Doing so will make every minute of your life a song.

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