Christmas is Coming: Oh Dear I am Going to Pack on the Pounds….

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Christmas is Coming: Oh Dear I am Going to Pack on the Pounds….

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Merry Christmas

Christmas a Time To Just be You: Forget About Weightloss!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Christmas!

So the jolly, festive holiday season… and of course blessed time of Christmas is around the corner, and already you are worrying about packing on some extra pounds…

Perhaps you have done everything possible to stay thin and trim the whole year, doing everything to keep in shape, from following workouts, and diets recommended for losing weight, and tips in the media to lose weight, in all the ways you have heard, always panicking as soon as you see the scale has crept up an ounce…

Christmas and Weight Loss

Now the festive season is almost here, which means you are probably dreading being when you are going to be offered all those delicious goodies, you just have to say no to,  all in your mission to stay thing and fearing to add an extra pound. Oh dear oh dear….what are you  going to do when you are invited to all those mouth watering Christmas lunches at work.

You are certainly going to have to face overloaded tables of tasty sweet cakes, puddings, and mouth watering tarts and biscuits, and of course the turkey, gammon, and Christmas dinners… just because you fear adding a pound or two. Never mind all those alluring tasty displays at all the stores….and free samples anyone?

Losing weight is a massive industry worldwide, preying on the many people that pick up weight easily, and then struggle to lose it afterwards. The media pushes the envelope for losing weight in almost every magazine and newspaper, on TV and on health websites…. Yes; it sure is important to maintain the perfect weight for health reasons as punted in the media, telling you that being overweight puts you at risks of diabetes, heart attacks, liver and kidney disease, and cancer.

They tell you that losing weight helps to lower cholesterol, and blood sugar, and maintain a normal blood pressure and, and ….and!

Ok that’s all good then, so what are you going to do now at Christmas?

fist of all, it’s quite simple to maintain a healthy weight naturally, and there are several ways to follow a healthy way of eating throughout the year that anyone can stick to, either to lose some extra weight, or maintain the ideal weight, which is more than likely where your body is at right now!

If you have tried all sorts of methods to lose weight, considering that you eat normally, and your body weight never budges, it means you are probably at a point where your body has balanced itself out and that’s that…

Some people can eat a whole cow and never pick up an ounce, while others pick up weight looking at pictures of delicious foods. Most people have a body that is built the way it is so get used it to it because you can upset that balance.

Take me for example, I have been to gym workouts for a year, tried all sorts of diets in the past, even crash diets, have taken pills potions and the like but my body always, always  goes back to its natural round shape and weight afterwards…  That’s why I stay away from writing about losing weight on my blog because as far as I am concerned it is a miserable frustrating business…

Christmas Food

Here is what I personally advise for how you should enjoy eating at Christmas: ( So Shoot me weight Loss industry and Nutrition experts)

  • Eat what you like, how you like, and when you feel full stop.
  • Eat what you want without having a guilty conscience or worrying about it.
  • Don’t dwell on whether the food is going to make you fat or not.
  • Don’t be emotional when you eat, or worry about picking up any weight because of what you are eating.
  • If you really want to eat something then go ahead and eat it!
  • Eat slowly and enjoy the taste sensations of the foods you are eating.
  • Use smaller plates for your food and eat slowly.
  • Drink lots of water and fruit juices, some wine and a bit of alcohol to warm up the cheer and atmosphere…
  • Don’t placate yourself that you are going to eat like you want, and already set goals in your mind for extra workouts and losing weight next year.

Life is short after all, and although I am not telling anyone to go absolutely mad and binge eat their way into oblivion… simply enjoy the special time of the year and do what you want for a change.

And remember it’s a wonderful blessed time of the year when we all received that special gift from God so let’s rejoice that too by eating drinking and being merry!

Christmas Food