Do Vitamin Supplements Help Boost Your Overall Health?

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Do Vitamin Supplements Help Boost Your Overall Health?

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The Benefits of Vitamin Supplements for your body!

Vitamins and minerals are mainly gained from the food, fruit and vegetables that we eat on a daily basis.  In today’s modern world and unhealthy ways of eating most people do not get sufficient vitamins and for this reason there are a number of multivitamin supplements on the market.  Like many other products there are dozens of different types of vitamin supplements and some are even targeted at the different sexes. Women need certain vitamins that may be useless for a mans body and for  pregnant women different vitamins are needed altogether, so vitamin supplements for women will certainly be a lot different!

What types of vitamin supplements are available?

Vitamins come in chewable tables, capsules, liquids, syrups and even powders so that there is a type to suit any preference. Some people may argue that liquid vitamins are more readily absorbed by the body and although this may be true it does not suit all types of supplements. In some case a slow release vitamin or supplement may be p more pertinent to the relevant requirement such as for athletes or for people on the go that need energy all day long. Syrup vitamin and mineral supplements may be better for children to swallow that pills or capsules. Body builders in some cases prefer vitamin supplements in powdered form which can be taken with milk or water.

Liquid Vitamins Can Be More Effective

Liquid vitamins can be absorbed immediately into the blood stream so their effect will be far quicker than a pill or capsule that needs time to dissolve. Research has shown that the rate of liquid vitamins entering your blood stream is up to 95 % faster and so if you are looking for a quick boost or pick me up energy a supplement or vitamin in this form would be the best choice.  The only downside here is that it is not as easy to measure the correct dosage as it would be for vitamins in pill or capsule form. Liquid vitamins and minerals may not always contain multi forms of different vitamin and mineral types either like in a capsule powder or pill supplement

Antioxidants and Vitamins

Vitamins types E, C and A are examples of superb antioxidants and they are commonly found in vitamin supplements. Grape seed extract, aloe Vera extracts, green teas and hundreds of other antioxidant vitamins and minerals are available on the market. A lot of these types of vitamins are not naturally produced in our bodies so it is certainly sensible taking them to keep disease and ill health at bay. Just remember your body will only take as much as it needs in the amount of vitamins and minerals and the rest will be secreted as waste products.

Antioxidants are our defense against effects of damaging oxidation reactions, b ad foods, pollutants and chemicals in the environment that are man made which enter our body. Antioxidants are the best weapons against suffering from any form of cancer that may be a result of too many antioxidants in your body. Taking multivitamins and minerals keeps your immune system strong and working against poisons in your body.

How often should I take supplements?

The advice on this may vary from doctor to chemist to gym trainer to individual. It is best to do a little research yourself and then choose what you think the best vitamin supplements are. There may be combination antioxidant vitamin, mineral types or those which focus on being mainly antioxidant more than anything else. There are energy boosting vitamins, vitamins to help boost your body during exercise and even vitamins to take for weight loss. Perhaps an alternating combination of different vitamins may be the solution here. Your doctor may be the best person to ask in this case or the pharmacist.



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