Effective Ways To Treat Bruxism in Children and Adults!

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Effective Ways To Treat Bruxism in Children and Adults!

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How to treat Bruxism effectively.

When you wake up with a jaw that is aching or teeth that hurt it could mbe that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep. Most people do this completely unconsciously and the problem is suffered by adults and children

There are no serious problems with occasional teeth clenching or grinding but when this becomes excessive then there will be serious damage to teeth and even gums. Some causes of teeth clenching and grinding called bruxism are from stress, anxieties, depression and misalignment of the jaw.the causes need to be investigated before you can treat bruxism properly

Before you can treat bruxism properly it is a sensible idea to get an evaluation from a qualified dentist. They will check if there is no overbite problem or irritation from misaligned teeth that could be causing nocturnal bruxism

The best Ways to Treat Bruxism

Using a mouth guard to treat bruxism protects the teeth from excessive teeth grinding and clenching during sleep. Mouth guards can be designed and fitted by your dentist. This is so that the mouth guard will suit your teeth and mouth for a comfortable fit. This is just one option for treatment of bruxism. Check out some more effective ways to treat bruxism and TMJ on this website!

Bruxism problems that are caused by stress, depression, teeth and jaw problems and anxiety can be eliminated with the expert help from dentists and your physician. The doctor may prescribe the patient with stress and anxiety relief medications.

Some non mediated solutions are stress counseling, joining a support group, or starting an exercise program because this is a proven method to relieve stress.  Other options that is even more effective for serious cases of bruxism could be taking muscle relaxants which reduce stiffening or tightening of muscle-related stress.

Additional Tips to treat Bruxism

Try and reduce your intake of coffee and caffeine sources and also that of fizzy drinks. These drinks can cause insomnia or restlessness during sleeping.  Practice relaxing face by not chewing gums, pens, or any materials that are not food.



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