Essential Oil and Pets: An Intro to Essential Oils for Dogs.

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Essential Oil and Pets: An Intro to Essential Oils for Dogs.

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Here’s Something You Might Not Know…

Essential Oils for Dogs and Pets

Surprising facts about Essential Oils for Dogs and Pets…

Your dog actually feels your pain. Literally.

Many of the health issues that you suffer from, your dog deals with that stuff too.

Okay, maybe that’s too obvious.

But, here’s something a little less obvious, The holistic methods that benefit us, they work for dogs too.

Like humans, aromatherapy is an overlooked method of treatment for dogs.

But it’s understandable to ask, are essential oils for dogs safe and for your other pets? Or, Can you use essential oils for dogs for healing and well being?

Thankfully, the answer to that question is YES! In fact, they’re massively helpful for your dog’s health and well being.

But you have to know what you’re doing.

So stay tuned to learn how essential oils reduce nausea, reduce anxiety and even reduce cancer growth in your dog!

Note: The next two sections are a quick explanation of essential oils for those that are totally unfamiliar. Feel free to skip past this if you’re already a veteran of aromatherapy in general.

What it is:

Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential oils are the essences of the plants which are distilled from various parts of the plant itself.

For example, the glandular hairs, the sac and the veins all contain some amount of the oil. More specifically, the oils are mostly the natural defenses which the plants secrete to fend off predators which threaten them. Thankfully, they have a ton of awesome benefits for both animals and humans. These range from simple odor reduction to sleep aid.

Extraction of Essential Oils:

In case you guys and gals aren’t sure how to get essential oils, this is a quick rundown. I’ll link to some other resources for those who want to see exactly what goes into the extraction process, and to get an idea of why essential oils are, well… so essential. 🙂

There are a few different ways the oils are extracted.

1). Carbon dioxide extraction.

  • Also known as the CO2 extraction method, this method involves taking CO2 and pressurizing it until it becomes a liquid. This then becomes a liquid solvent that can dissolve the natural plant material in anything botanical.
  • CO2 then goes back into a gaseous state with the oil left over!
  • Carries one great advantage. Unlike other methods that leave traces of other chemicals such as hexane, this method leaves the oil in a more pure state!

2). Steam distillation.

  • Carefully controlled steam releases the smelling properties from the organic material of the plant.
  • This gas is then sent through a cooling system which returns it to a liquid form.
  • The resulting water and essential oils are then separated.
  • Necessary for some oils like lavender, which are very heat sensitive.

3). Manual expression, solvent extraction.

  • Sometimes called “cold pressing.” This is an older method which is not as common today as it was in the past. It used to involve squeezing out the juices with a sponge. Later the juice was ringed out from the sponge into a jar.
  • Later, a machine was crafted that would puncture the rind and slowly release the juices into a container below.
  • This method is said by some to produce the most identical scent to the rind itself when using citrus fruits.

Uses of Essential Oils:

Aromatherapy works on different physical, emotional, and mental problems related to age which dogs experience. Age aside, it also works wonders for most of the same issues us humans experience at any given time in our life.

For the purposes of this article, I’ll discuss four MUST-HAVE oils to help your furry companion be at his best. Feel free to look at the resources I post. There’s a lot that’s been done on the benefits of aromatherapy. This is just a quick primer to get you started. Now without further ado, here’s the four all-star aromatherapy oils to look into.

Quick note: The amount of oil you use for dogs is SMALLER than it is for humans. I can’t emphasize that enough. They generally don’t weigh as much. Therefore, give them the same amount you would give to infants of a similar size. ALWAYS start smaller and work up.

Bigger dogs that are closer to adult human weights can handle similar amounts, but it’s still necessary to start small and work up. You wouldn’t want to spoil the potential benefits by starting off too strong and turning your dog off to the oils.

General rule of thumb: For small dogs, use 3-5 drops of the oil that is 80-90% diluted with a carrier oil(olive oil). For large dogs, you can just use 3-5 drops which don’t need to be diluted with a carrier oil.

Essential Oils For Dogs & pets:


Are essential oils for dogs safe?


Lavender oil is a very versatile and well-rounded oil for both dogs and humans. It is one of the few oils that CAN be applied directly to the skin. Various skin related issues such as sunburns, rashes, and itches are treatable or helped by use of lavender oil. It has it’s origins in the Mediterranean region, and it has been used frequently in monasteries for it’s special properties.

It is also strangely stimulating and calming to the mind all at once. This means that it works wonders as an aid against mild depression, irritation, and other mental fatigue or malaise. It’s also great as a sleep aid, and it even does well relieving headaches and other physical symptoms.

This same relief of physical, mental, and emotional discomfort extends to canines as well. In particular, over-anxious and hyperactive dogs are calmed by lavender oil’s healing properties.

Although not exactly anti-bacterial or anti-insect, it helps repeal insects from your dog’s fur. Finally, it’s simply a good way to control your dog’s odor after a day at the park, or after he’s rolled around in something he shouldn’t have!


Are essential oils for dogs safe

Chamomile oil shares many of the same benefits for dogs as it does for humans. It is absolutely golden for any tension your canine buddy may feel, physical or mental. More importantly, it helps to relieve any excessive discomfort found within the body, including painful muscle cramps and other bodily discomfort.

It’s a potent central nervous system relaxer, and it’s even an effective pain killer. Some folks even use it to quell teething pains which their dogs experience.

If that’s not enough, Chamomile also has great digestion aiding properties. It can even help your dog if he has a queasy stomach and vomits frequently.

So as you can see, it gets the job done for just about any relief your dog may need.


Are essential oils for dogs safe?

Peppermint comes from the hybrid species of spearmint and water mint. Like the other oils, it has far-reaching anti-nausea and stomach relieving effects. It is known to improve mental concentration and focus. It also boosts energy levels and of course, freshens bad breath.

And while dogs are going to smell like dogs, it helps to have something to freshen your dog’s breath from time to time. It has one very unique benefit as well. It is a powerful internal coolant, and it’s great for long-hikes. So if you’re ever going out on an adventure with your dog, and it’s a sweltering day, remember to take some along.

Finally, peppermint oil is an effective decongestant, So it helps to alleviate any allergies your dog may suffer from. That comes in handy during the spring months, when like humans, dogs tend to experience all types of allergy woes. Essential oils for dogs are a stunning recipe for wellness and natural too

Ginger Oil.

essential oils for dogs

This one is my personal favorite because it targets the most serious issues. Ginger oil works exceptionally well for a variety of conditions. It’s well-known as a useful stomach relaxant, but it’s benefits go way beyond settling an upset stomach.

It has profoundly healing effects on more serious conditions such as cancer and osteoarthritis. Similar to humans, these conditions are not always well-treated by traditional methods. Thus, ginger oil can be an effective alternative to traditional chemotherapy. Alternatively, it helps side effects of chemotherapy treatment.

In addition, ginger in any form is naturally anti-inflammatory, so it helps with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Other conditions: namely heart disease, colitis, and bronchitis are all helped by the anti-inflammatory effects.

Yet, it also helps in regards to more typical symptoms. Like chamomile oil, it helps with dogs that have weak stomachs. Chemotherapy often causes low appetite and frequent vomiting among dogs. Ginger helps to settle a dog’s suffering stomach. It also helps treat intestinal infections and other stomach bacteria issues.

It has a spicy aroma which gives it an invigorating effect. For dogs, that means it boosts energy levels, and so it is worth trying as a method to lift your dog’s spirit if he is in a funk. It has also been shown to be a pain reliever physically. The primary pain molecule, known as prostaglandins, are reduced with any ingestion of ginger in any form. Obviously, dogs feel plenty of pain just like us humans, so a drop for an ageing dog with arthritis or hip dyspepsia is a wise investment!


Hopefully, this quick summary of essential oils has benefited you. Remember, essential oils have healing, rejuvenating and helpful properties for ALL types of living beings. Thus, your favorite canine friends are no exception, and so aromatherapy is worth trying today.  Start using essential oils for dogs and pets today…because there effects are sensational for wellness and good health….

It is necessary to mention that you should only use reputable, high quality oils for your dogs. After all, you care deeply about your furry friend, and you don’t just give them anything right?

Of course, you could try out a bunch of different brands and waste a bunch of time and money. But I care about you guys as readers, and I don’t want to waste your time and money. That’s why I’m short cutting that process and showing you the best. That being said, If anybody truly believes they know of a better brand, feel free to let me know. I’m always willing to change my opinion on anything with new information. I only want the best for myself and others. CLICK HERE for essential oils for dogs and pets for a variety of recipes and ready made essential oils …

That about wraps it up. I hope you enjoyed this. Specifically I hope it did one of three things:

1). Gave you a specific answer to a problem your dog has or has had in the past.

2). Gave you ideas for what to do in the future if you are thinking of getting a dog.

3). You simply were interested in the subject and wanted to know more!

Thank you for your kind readership today and remember,

Your dog deserves to feel as good as he or she possibly can. Aromatherapy is a key step to making that a reality!