Finding Mr Natural? Advice to Consider! ( …for Simple Natural Food Choices.)

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Finding Mr Natural? Advice to Consider! ( …for Simple Natural Food Choices.)

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Natural food Choices

What Happened to Mr. Natural?

Natural food Choices

Did You Know That….

The Powder from the crushed bones of cows is used to bleach and filter cane sugar, sand and glass in found table salt, and powdered iron filings powdered metal in your morning cereal… then there is GMO foods, meat pumped full of hormones, and deadly colorants and preservatives in foods.

What Happened to Mr. Natural?

(I am not going to go into the long winded issue of artificial colorants, preservatives and the other 1000 poison chemicals found in a lot of foods already!) See a previous article where I covered this issue CLICK HERE

Is it the food industry trying to make their products go further…or is it the health industry making certain that people become ill, and thus keep them going for treatments, chemical rich medications, and most which will probably kill you just a little slower anyway.

A pill for morning…noon…and night!

Pills medications Vitamins

True or False Common Sense!

Facts: two members of my family suffered from serious cancer, and I know of many others that are suffering from cancer too; even reading about the sad incidences of children suffering from this dreadful disease!.

This is what prompted me to do research into lifestyles, health issues, and dietary sensationalism, a lot of it food related.

I am no hypocrite when it concerns trying to eat right and live healthy, and my wife and I have changed a lot of things in our diets, though we still often treat ourselves with stuff we shouldn’t.

**Our specialist oncologist plainly stated to us that the increasing incidence of hormones in foods and drink is contributing to the increase in cancers!

I have watched many videos related to poisons and hormones in foods, and by making comparisons with these and articles I read on many health websites, are able to sift out the facts and get down to the truth!

Doctors are NOT always Right! (My exampleJ

A year and a bit ago I was given ‘cholesterol pills’ which my doctor told me to take every day because I had high cholesterol. I took them in the beginning for a month or two, …especially after reading a lot about how dangerous to your heart this condition was online…, but as time went on, started forgetting to take them, until I stopped altogether.

As mentioned before, my wife and I do make better food choices, and just from the change in the way we eat, over a year later, and after a recent blood test my cholesterol was found to be completely normal…? Blood pressure perfect too. (I have never told the doctor after this test that I had stopped taking these cholesterol pills, almost a year ago.) I am 55 years old!

Natural food Choices

Making Your Own Life Your Choices

I have seen a lot of shocking videos, many of them on websites few people know about. These are eye opening, thought provoking stuff, which gets pushed back as conspiracy theories, myths, and sensationalism. .

Does the medical industry really want you to know there are real cures for cancer, diabetes, and natural cures for almost every disease you can dream up? I think not!

Mother Nature knows what is best, but we choose simple to ignore her.

Although my wife and I now make healthier choices in what we eat, we have not gone completely overboard and become fanatical about it. (Further down I will mention these simple adjustments you can also make in your eating habits.)

.Natural Foods & Remedies

Natural Healing for EVERY Illness!

Maybe you have heard of or perhaps seen the eye opening film or video’ ‘Forks Over Knives’ and scoffed at it being a hyped up lot of B.S?

This depicts the powerful healing power of natural foods. Natural meaning; there must be no hormones, no GMO insecticide ridden foods, and the strict staying away from artificial colorants, food additives, preservatives and the like.

Genetically Modified and Processed Foods!

Last year I did some intensive research into GMO grown foods and the results were rather disturbing. I even published a book on kindle on this subject called ‘The Food Zombies are Here!’

There has been a lot of this again in recent media with claims that GMO foods are safe and just as good as natural. Who is fooling who?

My Advice to Take or Leave is:

The point of this article is being more aware of what you eat and nothing more. We dismiss food scare sensationalism, because eating healthier is simply about moderation

We both feel great and healthy, while also having better energy levels, simply through some slight changes in how we eat. BTW we are not trying to lose weight!

Our eating habits have changed as follows from just buying food haphazardly and eating anything to:

  1. Trying to eat fruit at least once every day, eat lots of Avo’s, and yoghurt in the mornings.
  2. We only choose free range eggs, and low fat milk.
  3. We eat meat only once, or twice a week maximum.
  4. We eat cooked vegetables or have salad at least 4 times a week.
  5. We drink filtered water at home and use Coconut oil for frying and olive oil on salad.
  6. We limit our eating of processed foods and baked food and biscuits.
  7. We limit our consumption of bread and choose brown or wholegrain breads more often.
  8. We eat more fish than before.
  9. We don’t eat much fast food and when we do choose better options

10 .We are more aware of what we buy when grocery shopping, and read labels to see what’s in the food including meat!

We still eat out at restaurants occasionally, and still eat what nutritionists and dieticians claim are absolute baddies, but how would life be otherwise if you do not throw caution to the wind now and again.

Eating healthier is the key advice here without making your life miserable.

Basically our majority way of eating has become healthier!

We have faith in God and believe that when he decides it is time to take us he will!

Still a healthier lifestyle means a stronger immune system all boiling down to what you put in your mouth.

Natural Food Shopping