Hate Exercise? Some Excellent Alternatives to Boring Fitness Workouts!

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Hate Exercise? Some Excellent Alternatives to Boring Fitness Workouts!

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Natural Exercise or Fitness Workouts for Good Health.

Most people hate exercise but it is vital for your health and well being and of course for longevity of life. When people hear of fitness workouts they immediately think of gym contracts exercise machines and jogging. This is “ugh” for couch potatoes that will cringe at the very word exercise.

Did you know that every movement your body does is a form of exercise? You don’t have to attend an aerobic class for fitness workouts or jog for miles to get your body moving. Exercise comes in many different forms and there is surely going to be something you like doing….

Let’s look at the benefits of Fitness Workouts and General Exercise first.

Research has proven that regular exercise will lower the risk of coronary heart diseases, the incidence of having strokes, assisting in lowering blood pressure and boosting your immune system.

That’s not all either.

Fitness workouts in any form relieve stress, depression, slow down the ageing process, reduce the incidence of arthritis and it will make you feel good and full of energy. Any form of exercise is better than no exercise at all and you don’t need to go to gym for full fitness workouts, or buy expensive exercise machines either.

So what is the alternative to full fitness workouts to get sufficient exercise?

First of all doing any form of physical activity is better than none at all and it can be something you like doing. If you like doing fitness workouts without taking a restrictive gym contract consider getting proper instruction in workout programs. Here is a free workout generator for fitness workouts you can try out at home.

What are other forms of exercise for those who hate working out?

The  first point to take note of here for couch potatoes and those that have lived a sedentary life up to now is start off slowly, whatever form of exercise you want to do. If you have specific health conditions like a bad back for example consult with a doctor about exercising first.

For most people building up a habit to get physically active can be intimidating and this is why people just don’t do it. It is not too late to start exercising and here are some great alternatives that will help you get your body moving.

Remember to start off slowly and build up little by little challenging your levels of fitness over the time you are comfortable in.

  1. Park further away from the store.

Make a point of parking far away from the shops or store so that you have to walk further to get there. You will be amazed to find that most people want to park as close as possible just to prevent walking the distance and parking in front of the door is always limited.

  1. Take the stairs whenever you can!

Instead of using escalators and elevators walk up the stairs. The first time you ill huff and puff but its great exercise and good cardio workout as well. If you work on the 20th floor of your building ride up to the floor before that and take the stairs the rest of the way. After time you can start getting out of the elevator at lower floors.


  1. Walk around the block where you live.

You have heard it dozens of times that walking is great exercise and this is true1 walk the dog or stroll around the block where you live increasing distance by walking further every week. You will be amazed at the benefits of natural brisk walking.

  1. Work in the garden.

If you have a garden at home then plant a vegetable patch, or do as much maintenance to keep the garden looking smart as possible. Gardening works a lot of different muscles and after a few days you will start feeling the stiffness of muscles you never thought you had receding.

  1. Ride a Bicycle.

How well do you know your neighborhood? Riding a bicycle is a great way to explore it, and this does not mean buying expensive bicycles either. A casual ride around the area where you live is great exercise and you can ride with a friend or partner and get some fresh air at the same time.

  1. Play in the park.

Go to the park and throw Frisbees with your partner, walk the dog, ride on the swings or play with children there are all natural ways to get fresh air and exercise. You will make good friends there as well which will make you want to go there regularly. Any forms of activity in the park will keep your body moving.

  1. Home fitness workouts.

There are lots of ways to get exercise at home ranging from cleaning the house to painting. You can also get home fitness equipment by visiting pawn shops and used home gym equipment in the classifieds. A treadmill for walking, an exercise bike, or just a few dumbbells are great for mild exercise. Home workouts are easy ways to exercise when you want, and how you want.

  1. Fidgeting while at work.

While you are at your desk at work regularly stretch your legs and arms, fidget and walk around when you can, to where you can to keep your body moving. Do some push ups/ aways from the kitchen counter, while making coffee at tea time. Any activity burns calories and is good for your body.

  1. Go Dancing or Take Lessons.

Dancing is fabulous exercise and a wonderful way to make new friends,. Take out dancing instruction or go clubbing or to events where there will be dancing. This is a fun way to get your body moving and one that is often overlooked. You don’t have to do strenuous hip hop but dance. If you don’t want to go out pout some music on at home and dance around while cleaning cooking or even in the shower…

Think out of the box but keep your body active as much as possible but DON”T make it a chore but rather fun. When you get into a habit of staying active it can become enjoyable especially when you start noticing the benefits. You will sleep better, feel better, stop getting ill and you body will be trim and your skin glowing.

It’s the little things you do to keep your body moving that count if you hate real exercise. Just do them and in a while you will truly start feeling the difference.



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