Health Records Can Save Your Life in an Emergency!

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Health Records Can Save Your Life in an Emergency!

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Personal Health and Digital Technology.

Smart phones computers, portable hard drives are all storage devices for information but few people consider using them to store vital life saving information. If you take chronic medication or have a health condition that a doctor or surgeon should be aware of it is useful storing this information on your smart phone.

Already clever people insert a contact ICE which emergency personnel will look for in case you are unconscious after a vehicle accident or injury. The ICE number will be used to contact the person listed there standing for ‘In CASE of EMERGENCY’…

Storing digital records of your personal health problems can also be done on your smart phone which can be accessed when you go to hospital or are being treated in an emergency. When facing surgery a long list of questions has to be answered, ranging from what allergies you have, previous surgical procedures, to whether you have blood pressure problems, so that you can endure surgery safely.

Storing Family Medical History.

Quality health care can now be given to everyone and it is a lot simpler going to new doctors if you have maintained a family medical history.  This is especially useful if you move to another city or even country. In most hospitals files are kept of your family medical history and it is your right to request copies of these at any time.

It is great to have a portable hard drive that allows you to facilitate the storage and retrieval of your personal health records and that of your family rapidly.

Most people prefer their medical records to be kept private and if this is the case, at least allow family members to access these records when you are not in a position to.

DO IT While You are healthy.

While you are healthy it is a good time to make copies of your medical history in digital health records files, and have it neatly filed and stored away. This will probably be the last thing you want to do because ill health, and adverse health conditions, is a depressing subject

You will never know when a medical emergency arises and you and your family will be glad that you had all the information necessary for the emergency treatment on hand. It is traumatic answering questions when someone you love has been seriously injured so it makes it so much easier when you have the answers with you readily accessible.

Health professionals will be able to help you a lot quicker through your foresight and treat the patient speedily through your keeping digital health record information of the patient being treated.

Use your computer at home, laptop, or smart phone to build a health digital health record profile with all your health information.

When traveling abroad you will have this digital health record with you so that should you require medical attention you can still get the best of care.

Start today building a health record profile listing as much as you can about your personal health. You can ask for help from your family doctor, or request a copy of your medical file next time you visit so that you can also get some important details about your previous consultations.

Store your health profile safely today; IT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE!


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