Home workouts… Keep them Simple!

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Home workouts… Keep them Simple!

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Home Workouts… Not Hard!

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Well seeing my middle slowly bulging and my clothes shrinking prompted me to up the ante on daily exercising. After all gotta practice what I preach right. I planned my own workouts at home exercises and schedule, and its working out ok so far

Just being aware of what you eat and choosing the healthy stuff alone doesn’t seem to do it. It’s staying on the move that tightens up those flabby abs!

It’s not hard finding help online to do any sort of home workouts if you are disciplined enough to do them on your own. For some having the motivation of a personal trainer is a good thing especially if you have specific fitness goals or are training for a marathon or sport.

In my experience, it takes some time to start seeing any real results and each week I just up the reps a few more, until I can feel the muscles starting to ache.

I am like most average people that hate exercise, to tell the truth, but know that unless I get some form or another I am going to end up as big as the doughnut man.

Back in the day, I was hugely overweight dangerously so and by making some slight changes in eating habits I was able to drop a lot of it. It’s hugely annoying to find your favourite shirts or pants don’t fit, or are too tight to be comfortable.

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Buying bigger and bigger stuff is not the solution but giving your body some attention is. Simple home workouts are a good start and although you may feel a little silly in the beginning think of the long-term results you will enjoy.

How to Get Started Exercising at Home…

Every day I have a set time when I do my exercises which I found from some websites online and believe me there are thousands of them to choose from.

Start off with some stretching to warm up which I have read is extremely important and then do your sets of reps or a specific group of exercises for your session.

What I do is a simple set of each exercise in so many reps in about 30-40 minutes of workout. That’s it no more and no less.  No point in killing yourself but rather to get those muscles moving.

In some past articles, I have pointed out natural exercises for home workouts from walking the dogs to taking the stairs at work. There is no need to go all out and join a gym either but if you really want to train at home then consider buying one of these home fitness equipment machines.

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It all depends on what you prefer and not what every magazine or media is bombarding you with. You know what your body needs to stay healthy and it’s quite simple to follow a plan. Just eat normally but a little more healthily get moving a bit more instead of being sedentary and get lots of fresh air and sun when you can.

There are some super home workouts plans and even online personal trainers to help you reach those specific goals you have in mind. Stay balanced in whatever you do otherwise the whole issue of maintaining good health becomes a miserable plan.



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