How To Quit Smoking Once and For All!

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How To Quit Smoking Once and For All!

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How to Quit Smoking easily

Do you want to quit smoking without all the stress and agony that comes from nicotine withdrawal symptoms? There is a very powerful and easy way to quit smoking that can literally change your life. The reason for this is that it guarantees 100% success.  Everyone knows that smoking is very harmful to health and eventually you can start suffering from shortness of breath, and even get some serious diseases like emphysema, lung cancer and others.

How To Quit Smoking easily Once For All

Quitting smoking is difficult and many people have quit or tried quitting more than a few times. Just when you think you have left smoking for good and the habit is behind you it comes back again. Smoke once with your friends at a bar for the sake of old times, or someone offers you a smoke and you just cannot resist the temptation. This would be similar agony for a person trying to lose weight, like an occasional chocolate cake, or a delicious take away. You just cannot resist it can you?

Bear in mind that getting back to smoking is extremely easy and this is what makes quitting for good so difficult. You also need to know what you will experience when you attempt to stop smoking. The withdrawal symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and even painful for some. If you want to quit smoking easily and once and for all, then we can help you tackle the habit head on.

First of all you need to decide never to smoke a cigarette that is bought with your money, and never carry a pack or lighter with you. That is a first step and read why below…….

Here are some tips to helping you quit smoking;

1. The first part of the quit smoking tip – don’t buy your own cigarettes again because this means that if you want to smoke you will need someone to offer you one. Most people do not like to share their cigarettes and soon enough smokers will avoid you as a bum for freebie cigarettes.

2. The second part on how to stop smoking easily is to be sure that you never carry a pack of cigarettes with you. This means that you cannot depend on having a cigarette when you need one because you have not got any. It is a behavior modification which will break your dependency.

3. Try and avoid occasions that prompt you to smoke like after meals. Instead chew something, or go to places where smoking is forbidden. Choose non smoking areas in restaurants or visit your friends that do not smoke.

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