I just Can’t Lose Weight! Follow These Simple Guidelines!

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I just Can’t Lose Weight! Follow These Simple Guidelines!

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Why You Can't Lose weight! here is some help!

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Why You Can't Lose weight! here is some help!

So you packed on a few pounds indulging over the festive season. We all do with the great food, booze, and lounging around with working out the last thing on our minds. Now you want to lose a few pounds because you feel your pants elastic is stretched to its limits…

One of the most common problems that people talk about is that they can’t lose weight, and all sorts of plans simply don’t work for them. Want to know why because you are shocking your system by starving it of the food it needs…

It appears that no matter what people that try and lose weight do, nothing seems to shift that extra weight. Though this seems to affect many people, why it happens is different for each individual.

Although our bodies are anatomically the same, they actually all function individually and this is why diets don’t always work the same for everyone. One way of eating may be good for some, but not for others, and in the same way the weight loss has the same effects.

Lifestyle Changes… You’ve heard of that before!

You need to change the way you eat, your very lifestyle if you want to lose weight effectively and for good.

If the diet program that you are on does not seem to be producing the results you want and you can’t lose weight, perhaps it would be an idea to examine the plan in more detail as far as its daily caloric intake, fat and dairy content.

Also check to see how much fruit and vegetables are recommended and whether it is a long term lifestyle way of eating rather than just a diet plan.

Sometimes a diet that promotes burning fat through less caloric intake does not suit everyone. A calorie counting diet that consists of white bread, white flour, potatoes, pasta and sugar will not really show results as it is too carbohydrate rich and the best thing to do in this case would be to cut down on these foods.

.Why You Can't Lose weight

On the other side of the coin, if you can’t lose weight on a low carb diet, it could be that the calories from eating too much of what is allowed, for instance, red meat, fried foods and certain oils, are still too high and this could be slowing down the weight loss. It is possible to overeat on a low carb diet especially if you eat the wrong fats and oils and certain other foods.

The completely opposite issue would be if your caloric intake was too low, and this would cause your metabolism to slow down which sends the message to your body that it needs to conserve energy, and the result of this ids that you can’t lose weight.

This might occur if you were eating low calorie containing foods like lean meats, vitamin rich fruit and vegetables  and very little sugar, flour and dairy. Also snacking throughout the day on very low calorie items would add to this problem, even if they appear to be healthy snacks. Confused? That is what happens when you are on diets and why a lifelong healthy eating plan is the better choice.

Watch what you eat and be conscious of food choices.

To begin changing the way you eat, it would be an excellent idea to keep a record of all the foods and drinks you consume each day, including all the snacks that you assume perhaps don’t add any caloric value.

After doing this for a week or two, it should be very clear exactly how many calories you are ingesting on a daily basis. You should know how many calories you are required to consume in order to get the fat burning process functioning properly, and if your caloric intake is more that you require for this fat burning process, then you have the answer as to why you can’t lose weight. On your list you will see the bad choices of foods you made and these can be cut out of your eating styles.

Just eat healthily avoiding processed foods, cutting back on sugar and bready foods and lean towards natural as much as possible. You will start shedding that extra weight the natural way without having to be miserable about it.