How to Improve your Golf Swing Easily!

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How to Improve your Golf Swing Easily!

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Some Tips to get a Proper Golf Swing!

Better Golf Swing

Golf Swing Techniques

Learning a proper golf swing will shave quite a few points of your handicap and once you have mastered a correct technique for a consistent golf swing your game will improve overall from that point onwards.

For starters you must have a firm grip on your golf club to be able to get a proper golf swing, so you should have already invested in quality golf clubs to facilitate this. Good gloves help with your club grip to help you play every shot with a good grip on any type of golf clubs. We have already mentioned the importance of owning quality golf clubs in a previous post and how you can get an experienced golfer to help you choose a set suitable for your level of experience.

Proper golf swing facts

Pay attention to the way you grip the golf club in your glove-hand as the way you hold the club plays a major role in your ability to make effective shots whether from teeing off or during making putts. If you are right-handed, then you should swing the putter with the left hand in front of the ball at the point of impact. This position should be maintained when you follow through with your swing. Follow right through with your swing from one point to another.

Imrpve Your Golf Swing

A generalg level of fitness for playing golf is important because you will use a lot of muscle groups while playing golf. A proper golf swing that will effective hit the ball comes from using your arms, your back and flexing of your legs for example. Whip your body around on the follow through bending your legs and pressing downwards to complete the shot. This puts all your power into the shot to drive the ball further.

Golf club grips.

Don’t play with worn out golf gloves as the grips on the inner side will start making your golf club slip during the swing which will end up making a disastrous shot.. The same goes for the grip on the golf club shaft. A proper golf swing has a lot of power behind it which is important if you are going to drive the ball well down the fairway. Longer shots mean you will complete the hole with fewer shots and thus end up with a better overall handicap.

Practice a good steady golf stance while playing shots and a good tip to check whether your stance is right is by wiggling your toes.  If you are leaning too far over the ball you will not be able to wiggle your toes. Lean back a little until you note your feet are comfortable and aligned with each other.

Golf Swing Secrets


Lastly, practice is very important to perfect a proper golf swing but learning the correct techniques from scratch is important otherwise you will struggle to break bad habits. If you are starting out to play the game invest in some quality golf guides to help you ranging from golf swing secrets written by the pros, to putting techniques. All these enhance the enjoyment of the game and shave strokes off your handicap.


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