Its a Crying Shame That We…..

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Its a Crying Shame That We…..

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Live Healthy, Live Happy!

Live Healthy, Live Happy!

It’s a Crying Shame… That We…

Yes! It’s a crying shame that it takes someone close to you to die from a terrible disease, or suffer from cancer, or from any serious illness, to get a wake-up call that we need to change our lifestyles.

Even worse when we personally land up seriously ill in hospital, praying for healing, and pain relief, and only then make a check-mark in our minds to live healthier from now on….

How much does it take for us to realize how valuable our lives are, and how important our roles are in the bigger scheme of things… Your life and knowledge is intertwined to your family, colleagues, friends, and even enemies, all important contributions to the earth and your destiny…

Tips to Live Better, Eat better and Live Carefully.

  • Try and be more careful, especially in what you eat, being far more aware of the deadly chemicals in foods, especially fast foods, processed foods and fatty foods.
  • Be more aware of the dangerous chemicals in beauty products, medicines, and cleaning chemicals we use every day, how they will negatively affect our bodies.
  • Slow down and live more carefully, drive slower, be more aware of how your surroundings may cause injury to you. Read information on how to live healthier, and stick to the facts!
  • Realize how important you are in your job, to your family, friends and colleagues, and that you play a role in many lives without even realizing this.
  • Learn to be just you, and distance yourself from pressure in the media to look like this or that, act like this or that or need to have something specific to make you feel more fulfilled.
  • Remember that life is a journey and it should be a joyful one full of fun, and a long one and when you eventually find peace in the hereafter you will have lived the way you were meant to.


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