Managing and Overcoming Diabetes; The Truth!

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Managing and Overcoming Diabetes; The Truth!

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Managing and Overcoming Diabetes

Health experts are saying that diabetes is now an epidemic alongside obesity which even helps bring on this dreadful disease. What is even worse is the shocking fact that people getting diabetes are younger and younger with the disease now spanning all age groups. After the initial shock of finding out you have diabetes the first information most people will investigate is managing and overcoming diabetes,

Everyone is now at risk of developing diabetes even if there is no diabetes history in your family but also those who have developed the disease over time. Naturally if you do have history in your family blood lines of diabetes you are more prone to getting this disease. You may have heard the horror stories about people with diabetes losing limbs, their vision kidney failures and even death but with knowing the truth about managing and overcoming diabetes things can be a lot different!

The Ongoing research into managing and overcoming diabetes trends.

The newest trends in modern medicines and technology are giving people with diabetes hope that through proper management of diabetes they can live long health lives. The delivery of insulin can now be done through a variety of alternative methods ranging from implantable insulin pumps to insulin inhalers, and even capsules. Simple portable sugar testing devices can even now be purchased from your local pharmacies.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes whether type one or type two then watch the video above and ;learn exciting ways of managing and overcoming diabetes facts that are little known yet should be available through every general practitioner.

Have a look at the shocking statistics about diabetes as well as some deep insightful articles about this disease below.  Being informed about the disease will show you that managing and overcoming diabetes is the truth!

Diabetes Statistics per country

1. India 50.8 million people with diabetes

2. China 43.2 million people with diabetes

3. United States of America 26.8 million people with diabetes

4. Russian Federation 9.6 million people with diabetes

5. Brazil 7.6 million people with diabetes

6. Germany 7.5 million people with diabetes

7. Pakistan 7.1 million people with diabetes

8. Japan 7.1 million people with diabetes

9. Indonesia 7.0 million people with diabetes

10. Mexico 6.8 million people with diabetes

Diabetes by Country

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