Natural Earache Remedies You Can Use at Home!

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Natural Earache Remedies You Can Use at Home!

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natural earache remedies

Effective Natural Earache Remedies…

Your hearing is a valuable sense like your vision yet people neglect their ears and take hearing for granted until they develop earache often as a result of ear infections. There are some great tips for natural earache remedies and ways that you can improve your hearing again with proper care and healthy lifestyles.

Visiting the doctor when you develop earache and infections in the ear can cost you money and time waiting to see the doctor and then getting the prescription. These tips below can help you treat ear infections and ear ache and if you like you can even invest in the top rated guide for caring for your ears and reducing hearing loss.

Are you prone to ear Infections?

If you have a serious ear infection which is cuing a lot of pain a visit to the doctor is not negotiable especially if there has been trauma to the ear. For minor earaches and infections you may already have natural ingredients in your home to make effective earache remedies.

Quality natural earache remedies will ease the pain and kill off the infection that is causing the problem. You may say ugh but a few drops of human urine are extremely effective to reduce pain and infection in the affected ear. The ammonia in urine will attack the bacteria that are causing the infection and simultaneously soothe away the pain.

Ok so you want something less ‘disgusting’ for natural earache remedies I suppose?  The wrong PH levels in your ear can cause earache and develop bacteria causing painful infections.  Lemon juice acidity is very effective at reducing and neutralizing PH levels while it will kill off the bacteria fast as well.

More Natural Earache Remedies

Mix together a small amount of olive oil, garlic oil and juice of, onions to relieve pain fast and stop the ear infection from becoming serious. To make the remedy you need to add these to a small amount of hot water and simmer it or cook it in the microwave for a few minutes.

This will combine all the extracts and after it has cooled drop a few drops into your ear for fast relief. Olive oil loosens wax and other foreign debris in the ear and the rest kills off the infection.

Warm compresses like a hot facecloth or small towel can soothe bad earache pains without you needing to put anything into your ear. Apply them when you lie on the side of the infected ear and place directly against it for as long as you need to allow the pain and swelling to subside.

Finally vinegar and water mixture is another of the popular natural earache remedies for pain and infections. Make a small 50/50 solution and use an ear dropper to apply as often as required until the infection and pain are gone.

To protect and even improve your hearing to fight hearing loss there is a lot you can do from eating the right foods. To ensuring you are getting sufficient minerals and vitamins. Vitamin C is useful for any almost type of infection and you can use vitamin supplements or drink a lot of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Green tea in the many different brands is a super way to boost immune systems because it contains helpful antioxidants that will also help assist the body’s healing process for any infections.

There are many other natural earache remedies which can be found with some research online and surely you will discover one that works the most effectively for you.

Common sense should tell you that it is wise to consult your personal physician, or see a doctor if your ear infections and earache problems are chronic and persistent after you have tried out natural earache remedies…

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