Natural Vitamins VS best Supplements for Optimum Nutrition?

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Natural Vitamins VS best Supplements for Optimum Nutrition?

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Natural Vitamin Sources

Best Supplements and Natural Vitamin Sources.

If you are training or enjoy maintaining a certain level of fitness, diet and nutrition are important! Most people do not eat correctly, and this causes a deficient of vitamins necessary for optimum health. A healthy balanced diet should give you most of the vitamins your body needs for  strong immune system

You can choose from a range of some of the best supplements on the market to make sure you get all the correct balanced nutrition, but this might mean popping a lot of pills. It is easier to get your daily allowances from your diet, and only use the best supplements you need for specific workout programs. For example: These may be muscle building supplements for weight lifting, or stamina building…

Balanced Nutrition equals Sufficient Vitamin Intakes

To maintain good health it is essential that you are aware of what foods to eat to achieve healthy vitamin intake. For sports people, proper planned sports nutrition is the best way to make certain you are getting what your body needs.

Through research it has been discovered suitable amounts of vitamin intake for different ages, sex, and other factors of a person’s lifestyle. The vitamin requirements for a senior person, are obviously vastly different to those of a younger person. The same would be a comparison between a sporty active person and someone that leads a more sedentary lifestyle.

What Foods provide what Vitamins?

Today, manufacturers are required to provide accurate labeling on foods which help you choose the correct foods for sufficient vitamin requirements. Natural fruit and vegetables, nuts and wholegrain, offer a great source of vitamins. (Further in this article we will provide a useful list to show where certain vitamins can be found.)

On food labeling, you will see that nutritional information is often indicated as a percentage of the recommended daily allowance of the average person’s vitamin or dietary requirement.

If you read about vitamin sources you can become adept at choosing the best foods, best supplements, and best vitamin sources, for a healthy body and powerful diseases fighting immune system.

Note of Dietary Restrictions for Good Healthy Eating.

There are certain items in foodstuffs and additives to restrict in your diet, and once again food labeling is very helpful to reduce these.

You have already heard that it is vital to control Salt and Fats in your diet as much as possible, while not cutting out healthy fats at the same time.

Most people class minerals and vitamins together when working out a diet plan, calling them nutrients a person’s body needs. In the same class then, fiber would also fall into this category all bunched up in the same terms.

If you are on a weight loss diet, it often results in lacking many necessary vitamins, and this where taking the best supplements vitamins, and nutrients can be useful.

Vitamin supplements for active people can form an essential part of good nutrition, especially if they are aware that they are lacking certain things in the diet to boost performance.

Further more on vitamins and supplements, another diet like that of a vegetarian one, will limit the number of necessary natural vitamin supplements, and nutrients like iron, which is gained from eating meat.

For any restrictive diets a supplement may be necessary additive to the diet for good health maintenance. It is thus important to be aware of the many different types of vitamins and their sources. This is particularly useful, because if there is certain food you do not eat because you dislike it, there will be a supplement where you can get an alternative source of what your body needs.

Your body will ONLY use the amount of vitamins it needs, and the rest will be flushed away, so it is wise only taking supplements if you know that you need them in your diet. Even the best supplements for sports and training should be taken strictly as directed for optimum use in your body.


Let’s take a look at the sources of Vitamins in foods below with some common ones you will already be well aware of.


Many vitamins and minerals can be found in same foods groups making it easy to get your daily requirements:


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B1 will be found in brewer’s yeast, whole grain foods, blackstrap molasses, and brown unrefined rice, organ meats like liver and kidneys, and egg yolks.


      2.Natural Sources of vitamin B2  are again also in brewer’s yeast, whole grains, legumes being beans and peas for examples, most types of nuts, organ meats, and in natural molasses.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B3 are found in lean meats, all poultry & fish seafood’s, in brewer’s yeast, in peanuts, milk, rice bran, and in potatoes.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamins B4 are in egg yolks, again in organ meats, brewer’s yeast, and in wheat germ, soybeans and soya foods, fish, and in most legumes.


       5.Natural Sources of vitamin B5  are organ meats, in egg yolks, legumes, all whole grains, wheat germ, in salmon fish, and coarse yeast


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B6 are lean meats, in whole grains foods and cereals, organ meats, unrefined molasses and in wheat germ.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B7 are found in egg yolks, liver, unrefined or brown rice, once again in brewer’s yeast, in sardines, and other fish seafood, beans, chickpeas and legumes, and in most whole grains foods.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B8 are in fiber rich cereals whole grains, in citrus fruits, unrefined molasses, lean meat, milk, most types of nuts, leafy vegetables, and in brewer’s yeast.


      9.Natural Sources of vitamin B9 are dark-green leafy vegetables like spinach and dark lettuce groups, in your organ meats, root vegetables like radish, carrots, shell seafood’s like oysters, salmon fish, and in  milk.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B12 are in organ meats, most oily fish, pork, dairy products such as eggs, cheese, milk, in lamb, and fruits such as bananas, seaweeds kelp, and in peanuts.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B13 sources are mainly found in root vegetables we mentioned above, and in liquid whey.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B15 are in brewer’s yeast, rare cooked steaks, unrefined brown rice, and sunflower seeds and in sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and most nuts.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin B17 are found in the whole kernels of apricots, and in apples, cherries, plums and in peaches.


  1. Natural Sources of vitamin C Are quite easy to get because they occur in citrus, the cabbage family, in chili peppers, most berries types, melons, and in asparagus.

Live Life Better


You may have noticed that some foods are common in more than one food type and these are often gained through the average type of diet. If you want to get an entire list of most vitamins and minerals with additional nutrients the body needs look for the best supplements you can find and follow instructions for taking them.

This is particularly important for active people or those that participate in active sports.

Keep your body healthy, do supplements and vitamins the right way.


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