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Natural Health The Key to Wellness!

Nature. The key to unlocking your true potential? No, I’m not talking about becoming superhuman. Actually, I just want you to feel human again.

Maybe you do, if so, great! Because you see, not many people do these days…The modern environment is filled with toxic foods, toxic environmental pollution, and toxic stress!

Where does it all start? Well, let’s start with food. The food you and I (at times yes) eat usually, or should I say MOSTLY contains additives, colorants, sugars, caffeine, and other elements to enhance taste or perish-ability. Basically, it’s NOT natural, and it’s not great for your body.

Then you have the frantic, rat-race lives that society DEMANDS of us. You go from work, to picking up your kids, to practice, to fast-food, back to the house, and you maybe get to relax then. All day long, little stressors and annoyances take a toll on your body and mind. Even when you get back home, you are not really relaxing.

Sure, maybe you pour a bottle of wine, and maybe you get to watch a little t.v. But even then, you probably watch violent programming or depressing, deflating news. That wine, while a reasonable vice, isn’t the best for your body either. So all in all, your body and mind take a beating.

Food Chemicals

There aren’t many moments throughout the day when you actually give your body a break! No, instead it all tends to pile on, and on, and on!

The effects are obvious, excessive belly fat, tired eyes, irritability, cognitive dysfunction (fogginess), insomnia, poor judgment etc. Most importantly, physical diseases become the spin off from all these pressures.

Hypertension, high blood pressure, strokes, diabetes, insomnia, stress and panic attacks… And the NIGHTMARISH cancer.  You know my wife suffered from cancer and it killed my sister. Stress was a MAJoR cause!

Now  You Know The healthcare industry might help you.

But doctors and pharmaceutical company’s abilities are limited. Mostly they prescribe sedatives or opiates. Natural health is NOT negotiable! They cannot give you natural and only you can make the right choices! Doctors and pharmaceuticals, pharmacies… give you something to numb a symptom, not treat a problem. At the end of the day, they are all a business, which exists to make money and serve shareholders.

The harsh truth is that they make money off of you being sick. That’s why they are not going to just tell you the FREE ways to heal yourself. To a degree, this giant organization needs your sickness to operate.

But the knowledge is out there. Natural health has ALWAYS been there. Mother Nature has been, is currently, and will continue to hold the answers. Answers that will have you taking your health back. That means no more wondering if sickness is inevitable. No more worry, stress, or anxiety that these modern health problems HAVE to happen. Embrace natural methods and practices, and you have CONTROL over your health, happiness and life!

You may already be rolling your eyes…

I understand, this is the internet, and there are MANY snake oil salesman out there.People who feed off your very real fears and sell you over-hyped garbage. Never trust anyone selling you something which seems too good to be true. If it seems too good to be true,

It almost ALWAYS is.

No, these natural methods will take some time to begin working properly. If your body is loaded down with toxins or racked with stress, It’s going to take more than a day to heal it.

Stay patient, trust the process, and use the methods listed on this site.Do that, and you will transform yourself in no time!

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In Closing:

If you knew how riddled many health, beauty, and even food products are with toxic chemicals, would you stop using them? The fact is that even though these chemicals are added to benefit us, they do more damage than harm, and they can even trigger illnesses like allergic reactions, cancer, and serious digestive problems. In a previous article I pointed out some facts on dangerous chemicals in our food, from pesticides to dangerous chemicals in fast food.

Learn how you can make your own natural health and beauty remedies and discover how simple it is to find natural remedies, beauty products, and even ways to eat healthier foods without making a major change to your lifestyle. The author of this amazing guide called Everyday Roots is Claire Goodall giving you a definitive guide on how to cure ailments the natural way which nature intended plus comes with some fabulous bonuses.