How To Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder Without Expensive Medication.

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How To Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder Without Expensive Medication.

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Like many of you, I’ve struggled with anxiety problems my entire life.

You see, my mind is very active at all times, and so it’s always going a hundred miles an hour.

That’s not such a bad thing all the time.

It leads to a lot of great insights about life, happiness and how to be the best human being possible.

But anxiety and stress go hand in hand, and there’s no doubt that many periods of my life would have been much better if my anxieties weren’t so constant.

I remember having near panic attacks in fifth grade, waiting for my accelerated math scores to come back.

My anxiety and fear prevented me from flirting with girls until I was almost 19 years old.

Social anxiety’s great isn’t it?

Anxiety and fear are also inextricably linked. The combination of the fear and stress that anxiety has caused me is immense.

Sure, it costs you precious memories, relationships (of any kind), and accomplishments.

But it also causes you to lose peace of mind. When you can’t keep a level head, you can’t enjoy anything in life like you’re supposed to.


You could be on a beautiful island, thousands of dollars in your pockets, no hustle and bustle of city life and with pretty girlies all around you.

If your head is in a state of chaos, you won’t enjoy any of it at all.


Nope, still not happy.

Trust me, your mental state has to be right before you can enjoy anything. Always put your mental and emotional health first in your life. Everything else that makes life worthwhile stems from it.

Like many people, I typically thought that anxiety could only be treated one way, through expensive and dangerous medication.

Xanax here we come, or so I thought. But it doesn’t have to be that way. No, there is another way out of the mental hell that is crippling anxiety.

First, there’s diet. Second, there’s mindset principles.

And third? There’s a little secret weapon I’ve discovered. It’s anxiety self-help in a package or bottle.

It’s cheap, effective and much safer than Xanax.

But it carries some risk, so let’s talk about the completely natural remedies for anxiety first, shall we?


Living La Vida Low-Carb

You know, this kinda stuff.

Ah yes, lowish carb eating. I can already hear the groans now.

“like Atkins and all that fad diet stuff?”

Look I get it. It’s ridiculous to think that just shoving pork rinds in your mouth all day is the healthiest thing around. No, the real story of low-carb benefits go beyond a simple insulin hypothesis (which turns out to be demonstrably false, I’ll talk about that another time).

The best benefit of lower carb eating comes in how it affects mood. Simply put, low carb calms your ass down a bit.

A little profane, but that’s the truth, jack.

Coming Up Angry.

When you’re a little angry autist, getting through the day without a blow up seems like a miracle.

That was my story up until about 14 years of age. At that point, I found football and working out.

That helped a lot, and it’s still a serious part of my life today. What completed the puzzle?

Restricting certain things from my diet, namely bread and certain grains. I later found out that most human beings are actually NOT gluten intolerant (despite what some gurus’ will tell you). Nope, most of us can eat breads and grains, but it helps to eat them in moderation.

It’s the overall carb content related to your lifestyle that counts. So yes, if you run marathons for a living, you need that big bowl of pasta on the regular.

You do some basic weight training 3x? Then you probably need only modest amounts daily, and in some cases, not everyday.

Obviously, there are many benefits to this, everything from: weight loss, improved skin complexion, better bowel movements, better sleep quality and yes, reduction of mood swings.

Your mood more stable= less anxiety attacks and less depressive episodes.

So there you go, unless you NEED regular huge influxes of carbohydrates for exercise purposes, then keep it lowish.

How low?

You’ll have to determine that for yourself. For example, I can generally get by on about 80 grams a day even when I workout. Then, I’ll play it by ear and have a larger carb meal when I feel a little tired or depleted.

I’d say that’s a good starting point, and then you can adjust up and down for yourself.

You may find you don’t need that many on rest days. Some days you may need a lot more. Using a calorie and macronutrient tracker such as fit day is a good idea.

Working with a credible personal trainer is also great if you have no idea where to start.

May I recommend A.J. Cortes. He is one of the best, no B.S. lifestyle health and fitness coaches I’ve ever seen.

Another expert who knows his stuff is John Kiefer at He’s a little more scientific and specific in his approach.

But they have similar philosophies overall, and you’re in good hands with either one.

Back to the mood boosting effects of carb control.

80 grams keeps me emotionally stable most of the time, but it allows me to work out hard and maintain social sanity when going out.

The actual carb source is not extremely important. I would recommend making rice or potatoes your regular carb sources. Again, most people are not allergic to gluten, but many do have very minor insensitivities to it.

And again, carbs and insulin are not BAD (no one macronutrient is “bad,”). But the poison is in the dosage.

Too many carbohydrates causes a host of issues, the most obvious being the unwanted weight hanging off your body. But the mental and emotional effects are just as important.

In fact, they’re more important if you ask me. A great body means nothing if your mind is constantly spinning out of control, all day, everyday.

That’s why you should consider it if anxiety symptoms plague you every single day. I’ve been there. It’s no fun.

Now, the way you think about life overall is a second necessary piece of this puzzle. Even a good diet doesn’t guarantee a healthy mind and spirit.

If you’re used to being a negative Nancy about everything (including yourself), then that’ll have to change also. There’s no way you’re going to make it through anything hard in life without an iron mind, prepared to handle life’s daily challenges.

And yes, there are DAILY challenges, especially in the mental and emotional department. You see it’s all about perspective.

It’s all about your frame of mind.

It’s all about your mindset.

Mindset is what separates the whiny girl bitching about a slow Starbucks line from the happy go lucky single Mom with three kids.

It’s what separates the guy who cries in his room for three months about his mediocre girlfriend dumping him from the guy who uses it as an opportunity to find a better one.

It’s what separates the winners in life from the losers.

That doesn’t mean those who have boatloads of cash from those who don’t

Money is nice to have, but there are losers in the game of life with a lot of money.

Those with tired eyes, and a slumped posture, because they don’t like how they live, what they do, how they did it etc.

There are some with little money, but they are winners because of their mindset, if nothing else.

That means that you have to develop a mindset where you want to win at life. You need a mindset that allows full active engagement with the world.

How are you going to live your own best life when you’re constantly afraid and worried about everything?

You won’t even make it far enough to fail. You have to have some courage to even fail in the first place. Most folks will just talk themselves out of trying anything.

It could be walking up to your boss to get that raise you deserve.

It could be going up to a cutie at the Barnes & Noble who you want to talk to.

It could even be going into the gym for the first time in your life.

It all takes a mindset of growth and abundance, not one of scarcity, worry and anxiety.

For that reason, anything which makes you embrace life more fully is in your best interest when it comes to your happiness.

My link above was to a guy named Mike Cernovich. Mike’s an absolute maverick of a human being. He’s a former lawyer turned world traveler, then turned political rabble rouser and much more!

He’s very controversial, and I don’t endorse everything he says.

But I wholeheartedly endorse his book Gorilla Mindset and his principals for mindset improvement.

His book hits the following key areas of mindset:

  • Visualization exercises which unlock your hidden power.
  • Unique ways to transform into someone who lives in the present moment
  • Powerful affirmations and sayings to change your own self-perception


Among many other areas. It’s a complete overhaul about how you think of your entire life.

If you want it, that is…

That’s for everything in life, by the way.

You have to want it. You have to work hard for it. You have to be willing to sacrifice time and effort for it.

Sot it’s not as simple as reading it.

you have to apply it.

But take it from me, some of the moves I’m making now are only a result of reading the book.

You’ll have to read the material to find out for yourself, but here’s one quick exercise discussed in the book.

It’s also on his site, so it’s fine to present to you fine folks.

The alpha male posture exercise:

Green shorts are optional….

  1. Take a wide stance. Feet should be more than shoulder width apart. Don’t go too far, but go as far as you can.
  2. Take your arms and raise them as far above your head as possible. Again, don’t hurt your shoulders, but get a good stretch.
  3. Imagine someone above you pulling up on a string that straightens your body out. When done right, you’ll feel your chest rise and your hips pull forward slightly.
  4. Your entire body should feel tall and rigid. Many people (including me) suffer from mild lordosis. That means your spine curves too much, and so your butt and gut stick out too far. This should help to correct that.
  5. Practice stretching those arms out as far as possible. Take them far above your head, move your body up and forward. Think straight and rigid. Relax your body for a second, let the arms come down. Then raise everything up in the same way again. Do this 10-15 times total.
  6. Do this at least five times a day for maximum effect. Doing it this often has profound effects on your resting posture, energy levels, enthusiasm, levels of anxiety, confidence and many other areas of mental and emotional health.


That’s a good start to improve your mindset starting today. That’s an important principle too. 90% of the time, the right answer is to start something before you’re ready.

Don’t commit to anything major before it’s reasonable. Obviously, don’t move to a new country with nothing in the bank account.

But if you wanted to start a new hobby, it’s best to just start doing that hobby as soon as possible. This exercise helps you get out of your head and into your body. That alone reduces unnecessary time and energy spent wondering about something.

Thinking is okay sometimes. Doing is always the best possible answer. Everything can be corrected with time.

But only if you act. The right mindset takes you from a perpetual thinker (i.e. my old self) to a doer.

The difference is night and day. But I’d be lying if there weren’t certain products that make this transition easier.

I’ve done many things to try and combat anxiety: L-theanine, 5-HTP, GABA etc.

Those are all useful.

But there’s one clear cut king when it comes to anti-anxiety. It’s a little Russian invention called Phenibut.

Best Nootropic Out There?

The stuff of legends.

“Woah, woah woah there.”


“Sounds like a region of the Caribbean I’ve never been to before.”

I’ll start over.

Nootropics are a class of supplemental aids that deal with various areas of cognition.

They make you think better, ladies and gentlemen.

There are a variety of nootropics that deal with speed of cognition, memory retention, rote memorization, creativity and a whole lot more.

I’ve tried my fair share. Some are good. some are useless (for me at least).

One stood out as the clear cut winner.

Phenibut was originally designed as an aid to cosmonauts that were making long journey’s into space. It was supposed to help combat the immense stress of living for months at a time in an aluminum ball out in space.

Apparently, word got out that it worked pretty well for us average folks just trying to get by. It’s since become a popular supplement that’s legal in most place.

It’s illegal for over-the-counter usage in Russia and a few other countries, so you’ll have to check your local countries laws.

Not fun, but for those of you in about 80% of the world, you’re in for a treat.

A quick run through of it’s benefits. It does the following:

  • Reduces anxiety and depressive thinking.
  • Enhances music and other auditory sensations.
  • Slightly improves touch and crispness of sight (very subtle).
  • Improves speaking ability.
  • Improves sense of well-being.
  • Aids sleep (large amounts).
  • Promotes creative thinking and writing.
  • Enhances Focus


Yes, it does ALL of that.

I wont’ get into all the uses right now.

Life Without Anxiety.

Let’s talk about how it feels in day to day life. Have you ever had trouble finding the right words on a date?

Maybe you were nervous overall, or you simply didn’t know how to be witty about a particular subject. Honest to God, Phenibut turns you into a silver-tongued, smooth bastard. It’s almost inexplicable, but there always seems to be a word there. That’s great for those of us who struggle with long, meaningful conversations.

And nerves?

Give me a break, those are gone. Once you initiate a conversation, you’ll be completely sucked into it without any sense of anxiety, confusion or worry. Personally, I noticed that I had a much easier time getting into the present moment.

The fast-paced, fast food era we live in can prevent that. When you have to constantly deal with notifications, alerts, news, and general noise all day long, your mind becomes a junkie for constant novelty.

You forget how to just exist. Or, you actually get nervous if you’re not completely “stimulated,” digitally at all times. This immediately sets you straight and has you appreciating the quaint things in life.

You know, like your date, who would appreciate it if you showed signs of interest. Worrying about an existential crisis whilst talking to someone of the opposite sex isn’t a good look.

No está bien. No está bien en todo.

Other than extracurricular activity, you become a cooler character overall. Little trivial stuff doesn’t matter so much. You’ll live despite that baby crying on the airplane, or the grandma taking forever to get her change out.

You stop overthinking everything. You gain a sense of peace with who you are.

That little voice that’s judging you goes away. You just get to be you. That seems strange, but it’s what so many of us struggle with all the time.

Phenibut acts like a key that allows you to just be, without apology or explanation.

That my friends is priceless.

“Is it dangerous?”

It can be if you’re a big dummy, and you’re not cautious about how you use it. That goes for anything effective.

it’s a GABA analogue that’s similar to alcohol. That means it gives you many of the same effects as a drink, but without any nasty headaches or other consequences of drinking.

Important Notice!

It should be used no more than 2x a week. It does develop a physical tolerance, and so you will become dependent on it if you use it everyday.

I’ve actually done that before and run out. The withdrawal effects are not fun. Do not do this. I don’t care if you think you’ll be fine. Helping your anxiety is what we want to do here.

Don’t do something that’ll directly make it worse.

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.

“How much should I take?”

Depends on the desired effect. For anxiety, a little dab will do you. That means about 250-500 mg. That number depends on weight, gender, and age among other factors.

Most companies which sell Phenibut come with a standard scooper. This scooper is usually around 250 mg.

But if not, there’s usually a small section that explains how different measurements equal different mg of Phenibut. One brand that does this is Absorb Health.

They provide the cheapest, highest quality Phenibut that I know of. It is in a powder form, so that may be a deal breaker for some of you.

If it is, the capsule form provided by Red Supplements ought to do the trick. Keep in mind it’s quite a bit more expensive, because it’s a more comprehensive formula.

It actually contains other ingredients, such as 5-HTP and L-Theanine, so you get an even more powerful effect. It’s similar to straight Phenibut, but I find the calming aspect is even greater using this formula. Try both and see which you prefer!

If you’re short on cash,

Head On Over To Absorb Health And Destroy Anxiety For Good.


if you have some money to spend,

Take A Trip To Red Supplements And Experience The Ferrari Of Phenibut Formulas.


That’s all for now friends,

Work hard, love harder and try to enjoy yourself along the way,


P.S. A newsletter is still in the works, so don’t forget about that. It’ll have everything you need to transform your life.

P.S.S. That newsletter will contain free bonuses and other goodies. My rambling can earn you prizes!