Would you Pay $70000 for Herceptin? I Think Not : Natural Remedies Work Better!

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Would you Pay $70000 for Herceptin? I Think Not : Natural Remedies Work Better!

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Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies We Can Trust all Around Us…

Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies Vs Pharmaceutical Companies: My Daughter In Law Knows best!

In the past pharmaceutical companies, doctors, and specialists always had the health and well being of people at heart but that has all changed today with most of them now only becoming money making monster machines, developing expensive medicines, often making people undergo unnecessary procedures, and pumping us full of drugs we don’t need.

Instead of us trusting natural remedies that human nature provides us it is so much easier to pop a pill isn’t it? My daughter in law refuses to take any pills or potions even for headaches, flu or mild pain and she is as healthy as the day is long.

She knows that Mother Nature knows best and natural remedies are good enough to keep her healthy to live a long fit life!

Shock and Horror of Pharmaceutical Treatments…

I learned much about this after my wife developed cancer, and this prompted me to do deeper research into drugs, natural remedies and cures, and alternative treatments. It is a terrible disease but yes there are natural remedies for this too… Do pharmaceutical companies and doctors want to cure people or bankrupt them??? Good Question! They really don’t want you to know about cheap and even free natural remedies but would rather trash anything related to this for fear of losing money…

Besides having a good medical aid which covered much of the costs, the amounts of pills potions, and  additional treatments have also cost me a fortune out of pocket; buying these medications of all sorts, as well as therapies and prosthesis to treat this dreadful disease! I can imagine the strain and costs medical aids suffer trying to keep up as well. These days doctors like to charge an additional levy on top of what the medical aid rates are. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath? Its now money money , money…READ THIS

Radiation and Chemotherapy A Total RIP OFF People!

To treat my wife after undergoing a mastectomy further radiation for six weeks every day was prescribed at a cost of $7000 and then after this my wife has been further been prescribed 12  weeks of Chemotherapy. Get This: One of the chemo medicines known as ‘Herceptin’ costs a massive $70000 or over 20000 pounds, and I cannot find any justification in this cost no matter how much research online I do about it and don’t throw the lame excuse of research costs at me either….


Naturally the medical aid refused to pay this exorbitant cost and I don’t blame them because it would take 12 years just to recover that one cost from my monthly premiums alone. I found through research online that all over the world most medical aids refuse to pay this extreme rate for this medication so why bother even making it…

To top it all the oncologist department asked whether we would like to pay cash instead and it took a lot to not laugh in their faces. Are they out to try and heal people or rip them off until they are broke and the patient is still dying from the treatment?

Going Natural Remedies Like Mother Nature Wants!

natural remedies in your garden

My family and I have investigated alternative natural remedies for cancer treatment and it has been quite an education. The natural marijuana oil for example is kept illegal by the pharmaceutical industry by negative media because imagine how much damage and money loss they would suffer if it was freely available?

There are natural remedies for just about any illness you can dream up and just as many natural products to keep you in the peak of health with many growing right there in your garden. I even discovered and invested in a great book online for this which you can take a look at here!

Conclusion: My wife is taking natural remedies which I will leave to your imagination and she is improving rapidly from these which are thanks to my and our son’s research and support. The next time you are about to pop a pill or take a potion do some research and find out whether it is really necessary. My daughter in law will tell you it is probably not!

Natural remedies


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