Quality Golf Guides to Better your Handicap!

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Quality Golf Guides to Better your Handicap!

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Learn a Proper Golf Swing

Better Golfing Techniques Using The Best Golf Guides!

Improve Your Golf Swing

Pro Golfing Lessons

Investing in golfing lessons is a good idea but there is a cheaper option for improving your golf game by seeking out select guides written by professional golfers. Following their advice is a good way to get ahead on your own and of course at your own pace.  Fortunately, there are dozens of excellent golf guides which can be searched out online but on the negative side, some are quite pricey.

Over the long term golfing guides will definitely be a worthwhile investment, because eventually you will be playing a confident game, and a competitive one. PGA tour pros are happy to share their golf secrets to help avid aspiring golfers get ahead in the game. Here are some more pointers in improving your golf swing from address.

Golf Swing Training


Make sure that your Posture is correct and relaxed

The incorrect posture is a common problem in golfers who haven’t played in awhile or in golfers that are learning the game. In certain instances, people have their legs in too much of a rigid straight position, or in other cases, incorrect posture is being with your back too hunched over the tee off. Maintain even weight on the balls of your feet bend your legs slightly, keep your back relaxed and straight, and your body loose.

Another problem learning golfers have, is taking the club back, with too little upper body turn mostly because they are afraid they will miss the ball on striking, and this problem ends up that the ball is sliced and not hit squarely. A good exercise to improve at home is turning your body fully side to side with your lower body in a stationary position. You can practice this exercise at home in front of a mirror. This exercise will also increase your body flexibility, and help to improve your overall golf swing.

Golf Swing Secrets

Adding Power to Your Golf Swing

Golfers that are trying to improve their game can add up to 30 yards to their drives by simply widening their golf swing arcs. This will add a lot more distance off the tees because you get more power in your downswing.

The best way to do this is practising the full swing right through to completing the arc in your swing from start to finish, which helps to hit the ball squarely.  To add to this it is vital to have a good firm grip on the golf club during your golf swing as this helps to hit the ball solidly and with the correct force.

Golfing lessons and guides will you find on this website will give you techniques that you can practice on your own time, which will eventually shave strokes off your handicap and ultimately build confidence in your golfing game. Invest in quality golf guides to improve your handicap and enjoyment of the game of golf.





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