10 Safe Workouts Tips for Fitness Goals!

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10 Safe Workouts Tips for Fitness Goals!

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Smart Tips For Safe Exercising

When working out many people suffer injuries simply because they go about it all wrong. This is why having a personal trainer to guide you on the correct ways to exercise is so important but unfortunately not always possible. Whether you do home workouts or go to a gym do it right and enjoy getting fit and staying healthy!

With some research and feedback from personal trainer acquaintance Janey Rudman, here are some great tips from her for safe exercising to prevent injuries while working out or participating in sports.

  1. Stop-Start Running Sprints

Many sports like football and rugby or track and field require full sprint or stopping and starting movements. These exercises strain lower body and leg muscles, so these muscles must be strengthened. Practising stop go exercises is great for this. To do so alternating between sprinting and then jogging is sensible. In set, distances plan to sprint so many meters and then jog for a second stretch, speed up and slow down alternating exercises.

  1. Jumping and Turning

Netball, basketball and jumping field sports require quick turning movements and these can cause injuries.  During the movement, straight knees can cause strain and injury so it is best to implement turning movements with bent legs. This takes some practice but is worth it to improve suppleness and strengthen your joints.

  1. Warming up and Cooling down

In previous articles, the importance of warming up, stretching and cooling down has been discussed already, drink lots of fluids and electrolytes to stay well hydrated especially in hot climates because heatstroke is a serious condition that can occur during exercising. Warm up with stretching and end workouts by cooling down with stretching exercises and take in lots of fluids throughout your sessions.

  1. Workout with Quality equipment

Make certain your gear and equipment you use for exercising is in good condition, for clothing loose and correct fitting to prevent abrasion and machines tha are well maintained and suitable for the workouts you concentrate on. No exceptions.

  1. Execute exercise techniques properly

Get advice from a personal trainer or sports professional to execute exercise workouts properly.  Many injuries are caused by improper techniques as well as using equipment wrong.

  1. Work out all muscle groups.

No matter what sports you play, or the reasons you workout try and work for all the muscle groups and do some cardio as well. There are many exercise guides which show you how you can maximize exercise workouts to get a full body workout. Rest periods in between exercise sessions are equally important.

  1. Invest in Protective Gear

Use protective gear for your workouts. For weight lifting, there are kidney belts and wrist guards, for gymnast’s special floor mats, and for contact sports mouth guards, and helmets for cyclists for examples.  Proper gear for training for your sport of the type of exercising you do is a smart investment to help prevent exercising injuries.

  1. Quality running shoes For running sports.

Quality running shoes can be expensive but they are worth it if you enjoy running sports, or jogging for your regular workouts. It is better to buy running shoes in the morning because after a long day at work your feet are apt to be swollen.

  1. Plan Regular Workouts.

Stick to a workout plan to try and get regular exercise rather than intermittent sessions. Fitness workouts only done occasionally rather than in a set routine can cause your muscles to become stiff again and soreness will put you off training.

  1. See your Fitness Goals materialize.

Work towards your fitness goals and once achieved set new ones and move onwards. Keeping a diary of your workouts is sensible because you can refer to your achievements. Whether you workout to lose weight stay fit or to participate in sports it is all good and healthy for your body so just go out and do it.


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