The Scary Truth of an Ebola Pandemic!

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The Scary Truth of an Ebola Pandemic!

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Ebola Pandemic

Ebola Pandemic : The Frightening Truth You Have Not Been Told!

Presently the chances of you dying from Ebola are over 95% and with this frightening statistic is makes you wonder why authorities are not pulling out all the stops to prevent a full blown global pandemic? News and media sources tone real statistics and accurate information down for obvious reasons to prevent the spread of panic.

A doctor that worked for the CDC (Center for Diseases Control) opens the lid on the reality, and the scary facts about this deadly fast spreading killer disease. A deadly Ebola Pandemic is Looming and what are YOU going to do about it?

Governments have mentioned in the media about a test that is done at the airports but this is not sufficient to prevent an infected person entering a country. Medical experts predict that within a few months 10000 cases could be the reality.

What if your child got it at school or you picked it up from a mall escalator, at a restaurant, from a shopping trolley or using a public toilet. The diseases spreads through contact and in densely populated areas an Ebola pandemic would become a full blown human catastrophe!

The Truth From an expert medical CDC Epidemiologist

A professional that used to work for the Centre of Disease Control as an epidemiologist now warns about the possibility of a worldwide Ebola pandemic. Sure you will hear the Ebola jokes and read the media hype but under all this the frightening truth is right in front of you!

By the time martial law and travel restrictions are enforced it could be too late for you and your family which makes knowledge and preparedness vital. Protect your family from tragedy by investing in knowledge an expert has compiled on what you can do to survive an Ebola Pandemic.

Click on the links or banner on this post to watch a scary truthful video on an Ebola pandemic and exit the page for written information for what you can do to survive.

You can read the real comments received from people who already have a plan and are putting it into action right now, because the reality of it all is that EBOLA IS HERE!…

Are you fully aware that the News of the Ebola pandemic gets worse every day, and this means not dismissing these facts. It’s a matter of time before public panic starts erupting.

Thousands of Ebola cases happening in your neighborhood ould be reminiscent about television serious of zombies like walking dead ONLY REAL!  Imagine the mass hysteria, violence, scarcity of resources and overloaded medical centers when the Ebola Pandemic arrives…

Your preparation can mean the survival of you and your family or you can simply ignore this important message…….

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