Should You Be Afraid of Getting Cancer? NO! Because it Can Easily be Avoided!

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Should You Be Afraid of Getting Cancer? NO! Because it Can Easily be Avoided!

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Avoid Getting Cancer Because you CAN!

How To Prevent getting Cancer!

What YOU Should Know About Cancer!

A close friend of ours, and my father in law passed away from cancer a few years ago and now with my sister suffering from cancer and losing her leg to it; she is still undergoing treatment.

For this reason I have spent many hours researching the subject of cancer, its causes and its treatments, getting viewpoints from across the spectrum. What I discovered is quite amazing!

In one instance I came across an eye opening report and video I recommend you watch; this from a highly respected natural health website. CLICK HERE The video is in documentary written format and quite long but extremely educating. ( There are even PROVEN CANCER CURES in This Documentary!)

Every human being has cancer cells in their body and a healthy immune system is constantly keeping them under control. Cancer cells multiply and give you the full blown disease when your blood cells are starved of oxygen. Basically that is it in a nutshell.

If you smoke you starve your blood of oxygen thus increasing the risk of cancer. Quite simple to understand isn’t it.

A traumatic experience causes a shock to your system, causing you to be short of breath thus starving your blood of oxygen, this can effectively trigger cancer, or sometimes diabetes, and even instances causing an extreme change in hair color to grey or even white!

Chemicals, Chemicals and More Chemicals.

You will see a previous article I have written on how much chemicals we stuff in our bodies’ everyday by eating, and further use for makeup, and skin care, and in what we drink.

The scary fact is that we eat drink and use chemicals in extreme amounts in our daily lifestyles. That is what is killing us and causing cancer and other serious diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic illness conditions.

In the last few weeks my family have gone to great pains in trying to avoid chemicals in food we buy and prepare, and it is bordering on impossible. Sure you can cut down on them. You might say but what about fresh food and vegetables? These are laced with pesticide residues, and many are GMO (genetically modified).

What Should You Do?

My advice is to try and keep your immune system strong with fresh fruit and vegetables that every dietician, weight loss expert, and doctor tries and drums into people’s heads.

Be more aware of chemicals in foods and try and reduce them. Understand what they are and avoid ones that are most dangerous.  Potatoes chips are a huge culprit with extremely dangerous colorants in them.

There is obviously no reason to become fanatical about it and live a miserable lifestyle. Just try and live a little better.

Here is a guide on how to live healthier and safely. Get it for you and your family!




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