Shrink Your Stomach Forever Without Misery!

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Shrink Your Stomach Forever Without Misery!

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How To Shrink Your Stomach Forever!

How To Shrink Your Stomach Forever!

How to Shrink Your Stomach Without Punishment.

While waiting in the doctor’s office to get results from recent blood tests from a medical checkup, I was reading a magazine about pregnancy and one of the articles that caught my eye was about weight loss and exercise. The article was from a study done in the UK which went on to say that exercise that does not help for obesity, but the change in eating habits.

Sure you need regular exercise to stay healthy, and to keep your body muscular but it’s the way we eat that is killing us. Over the past few months I have changed my eating ways a lot reducing fast food, eating more of the proverbial veggies and fruit. Besides practicing what I preach I was also told to drop a few kilos and shrink MY stomach by the doctor…or else….

Surprisingly in a few short weeks I did drop quite a few pounds and the only bad side effects were my pants are now too big. As for exercise I do walking the dog mostly and walking when shopping but no gym or anything drastic like most programs insist? If you want to shrink your stomach follow these simple guidelines and even get this super book to help you.

Stop Punishing Yourself!

If you want to shrink your stomach it does not mean cutting out all those yummy things. First of all moderation and portion sizes must be examined. In the beginning I ate just enough but still suffered from being hungry afterwards so I drank lots of water to fill that hole up.

I started drinking the Chinese Oolong tea which I admit truly is effective in curbing your appetite, and is good for you too in lots of other ways. You need develop a taste for it though, and don’t use milk because it makes it taste lousy. Good for boosting your immune system as well do some research online about it if you like…

Lastly the biggest contributor that I believe helped me drop a lot of weight was reducing sugar intake, cutting out fizzy drinks, and eating after 8 o’clock at night, which was a bad habit I developed. Besides this I did not completely stop eating fast food but just less often.

You need change your eating habits and nothing more than that. That is what the article I read focused on more than exercise. Obesity is exploding because of bad foods, fast foods, high sugar in takes and fried foods.  Here is a guide  that is not pricey, and without any gimmicks to help Shrink Your Stomach that will help you along the way.

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