Symptoms of BV and Treatment!

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Symptoms of BV and Treatment!

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Indentifying the Symptoms of BV

The vagina has a very unique chemical equilibrium which can easily be disturbed. When this happens the lining of the vagina will become inflamed and irritated. This condition is referred to as bacterial vaginosis and can affect girls and women of all ages. In order to determine whether or not you have bacterial vaginosis you will need to be able to identify the symptoms of BV.

The general symptoms of BV usually include irritation and itching, and unpleasant odour as well as a greyish white discharge. Sometimes bacterial vaginosis will not show any external symptoms however you might find that there is an itching and burning sensation when urinating or directly after you have had sexual intercourse. There will also be a very strong fishy smell directly after the sexual stimulation of the vagina.

While some women have very severe symptoms of BV others will show very few symptoms. A few of the more severe symptoms include vagina long and sometimes abdominal pain. It is quite easy to confuse the symptoms of BV with those of a candida or yeast infection of the vagina.

Many woman make the mistake of believing that bacterial vaginosis is the result of poor hygiene. In actual fact the use of soaps and other detergents that might cause a chemical reaction can lead to many of the symptoms of BV.

Causes of BV

Other causes of bacterial vaginosis include unprotected sex with multiple partners, the excessive use of certain medications as well as the use of douches and spermicides. There have also been studies that suggest that smoking and the use of an inuterine device and certain types of birth control can also cause BV.

Even though bacterial vaginosis can be caused from having unprotected sex with multiple partners, it is important to note that woman who have never had vagina intercourse can also suffer from the symptoms of BV.

If you have any of the symptoms of BV mentioned above and suspect that you might have bacterial vaginosis it is important that you get treatment right away. Bacterial vaginosis is relatively simple to treat and there are many natural home remedies that you can try. If these do not work however it is important to see a medical practitioner as bacterial vaginosis can cause a lot of harm to the vagina and reproductive system if left untreated.


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