Teeth Grinding In Adults & Children is Called Bruxism!

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Teeth Grinding In Adults & Children is Called Bruxism!

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Teeth Grinding Bruxism in Adults and Children

Teeth grinding can seriously damage teeth and the problem usually happens at night even unconsciously while children and adults are asleep. The medical term describing this is called Bruxism. Teeth and jaws are clenched or rubbed together which wears down the enamel protection on the teeth and sufferers can wake up with aching jaws and sore teeth. Bruxism can even occur during the day due to stressful situations or problems and there are some factors that cause this problem in adults and children.

Why do some Children have bruxism? 

Stress is said to be one of the main causes of bruxism and being anxious is just one cause. Sometimes it can be a result of having earache, from being hyperactive which the case in some children is often, or suffering from pain in the teeth and gums and jaw misalignment.

In children bruxism may eventually stop on its own, but for some, and for many adults, it is sensible seeking help for bruxism teeth grinding which can come in the form of natural remedies or useful protection mouth pieces for some examples.

What effects does teeth grinding TMj and have on your teeth? 

While teeth are forming in children there should be no problems because they have milk teeth and because of this most do not suffer and serious damage or pain. Even so; a trip to the dentist to ask about children grinding their teeth, and the possible problems that can be caused may set a parents mind at ease.

For adults there are some great natural remedies for bruxism that can be tried out including a head piece for serious sufferers that is extremely effective,. Have a look to the right of this website and see some examples of the best treatments for TMJ and bruxism.

Using treatments for bruxism…

For adults with teeth grinding problems a mouth guard or head piece can prevent damage to teeth but it is further a sensible idea to find out what is causing bruxism and treat this factor.

It could be that your teeth grinding is being caused by stress or lifestyle problems and by addressing them could help you become more relaxed. In the case of children with teeth grinding problems helping them relax at bedtime with a story or soft music is a great idea. Alternatively be aware if your child is worried about something and talk to them to see how any problems they are experiencing can be addressed.

Find out more information on teeth grinding in adults and in children on this website and some effective natural treatments or mouth guards and head pieces which are excellent if the problem of TMJ and bruxism is serious and doing damage to teeth, gums , and even causing a misalignment of the jaw bones.


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