Tips To Prevent Packing On the Pounds During the Holidays!

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Tips To Prevent Packing On the Pounds During the Holidays!

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Getting Natural Exercise This Holiday Season…

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Everyone adds a few pounds over the holiday season and sticking to a workout schedule, and healthy nutrition habits can be quite impossible at times. When eating and drinking for example,  try and stay conscious of what you eat, and not to overindulge.  Obviously, don’t punish yourself because this happy holiday season only comes around once a year…

For starters on the above points be aware that all alcohol beverages come with hefty calories, and if you are the serious health and fitness conscious, but want to enjoy the celebrations and toasting, go for the ‘Lite’ stuff as much as possible.

As for getting exercise, there are some great ways of staying active to keep the pounds from packing on during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Let’s recap on some of them that are easy to do:

Boost Metabolism

Get Dancing Because it’s Great Exercise.

No doubt you will be attending some parties over the holidays, and when you do, get active by dancing rather than sitting and watching. It does not matter whether you know how to dance or not any style goes these days with rock and pop music. Moving to the music anyone that you enjoy is good enough exercise and fun too.

Play With the Children (or your pet).

While you visit or spend some time with your family, or if you have grandchildren or your own kids; what better time than now to REALLY enjoy playing with them. Take them to to the park, play some ball with them, or tag or catches, or anything that keeps those muscles active and burning energy. you and your kids will benefit from fresh air and healthy exercise together rather than sitting in front of computer games or TV.

Walk to, and Around the Shopping Malls.

While shopping for gifts and groceries over the holidays, do lots of walking around the malls, and when you arrive at the mall, don’t try and park as close to the door as possible.

You can also start exploring your neighbourhood during the holidays, and now is a super time to make new friends and get to know the neighbours. Take your dog out a bit more often for some long walks as well,  and they will love you for this.

More Tips to keep those pounds off.

You are going to have lots to drink and eat over the holidays, but even so, still make healthier choices when you can. Drink lots of COLD water and beverages, and while eating, chew properly and eat slowly. It is not necessary to completely finish every crumb on your plate at a restaurant, or when you are a dinner guest. Give time while eating to allow your stomach to signal you that you are now full.

Moderation is the keyword for drinking alcohol as talked about above, and beware of the drink mixes as well, which are often fizzy drinks like Coca-Cola. These are packed with sugar that will quickly turn into fat if you are not careful.

The holidays is a time to relax, so even considering everything above, don’t stress if you do go a little off the rails. It is not necessary to punish yourself because after everything is over, you can still catch up and get to your normal fitness levels again.

If you have bad habits, then also consider the New Year a time to quit them, or cut down on them, whether it is smoking or drinking too much.

Home Workouts

Maybe you have always led a sedentary lifestyle, and if so, its time to make a determined decision to make an effort to get active, start a sport, or lose that unwanted weight once and for all.

Finally… it’s the season to forgive and renew family bonds and make new friends. Don’t be too critical of others and be kinder to the less fortunate because it will make you a better person and you will also feel good for it.

2018is going to be a sensational year for YOU, so make the most of it and be determined to live life to the fullest…




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