Treatment for Teeth Grinding Known as Bruxism!

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Treatment for Teeth Grinding Known as Bruxism!

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Suffering from Teeth Grinding is Known as Bruxism

Stressful lifestyles have resulted in conditions known as bruxism increase in both adults and children. This is teeth grinding or jaw clenching which can have serious side effects on teeth and jaws if the condition is serious. Grinding teeth wears down the enamel protection which will result in teeth becoming sensitive. Clenching of jaws can cause pain in jaw muscles and TMJ problems if left unchecked.

Teeth Grinding in Children

It is worrying for parents to hear their children grinding their teeth while sleeping and this is more common in hyperactive children and those that suffer from stressful situations. In small children teeth grinding can occur when new teeth are pushing through, and in others from the jaws being misaligned. Fortunately in majority of children that suffer from teeth grinding problems no treatment is required because the problem will go away on its own.

Bruxism in Adults and Teenagers

Teenagers suffer from stress from many different things from college exams to peer pressure which could result in the unconscious grinding of teeth. Adults have work and family related problems, financial pressures, and social pressure problems all contributing to serious TMJ and bruxism.

Serious teeth grinding will result in irritation of the gums and teeth and it could even cause teeth to chip and crack. Fortunately there are some excellent treatments for bruxism and TMJ conditions and you can visit some of the links on this website for practical proven solutions.

Symptoms examples of Bruxism & TMJ

Common bruxism symptom include sore aching jaw muscles, pain on the right and left sides on your face in the morning, experiencing pain while chewing and eating, and hearing grinding noises during sleep. If your partner or children experience these symptoms, it is a good idea to have teeth checked out by a dentist and to discuss these problems with them.



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