Weight Loss Fitness Training the Easy Way!

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Weight Loss Fitness Training the Easy Way!

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Weight Loss Fitness Training


Easy 10-30 Minutes Weight Loss Exercise Plan Anyone can Follow!…

Most people are either caged up at work or caged up at home with hardly any activity in between. It’s no wonder we are all becoming tubs of lard living sedentary lifestyles in front of the TV.

Move, Move, Move, is the message that is being drummed into us by the media especially if we want to shed those unhealthy extra pounds, because our bodies were built do just that.

Your life may consist of moving from the desk to going home, to the couch then the dinner table, then to bed. In the morning the same routines apply, from the bed to the breakfast table, (which most people now skip anyway), and then off to your desk at work. Sound familiar??

Whether you are overweight or want to get into shape proper weight loss fitness training is the way to better health. Are you motivated enough though?

Weight Loss fitness training or any Exercise is Vital to optimum health!

Most people have the lame excuse of being to busy to do any sort or workout and some will even tell you that when they get home they are exhausted. How is this possible if you were sitting in an office chair all day?

Statistics show that obesity is on the increase globally and the main cause whether you believe it or not is lack of exercise NOT over eating. If you were very active your body would be a fat burning machine no matter what you ate.

Movement is what is lacking and it’s time to stop making excuses. If you want to start a weight loss exercise plan then start it without deal. There is excellent specifically designed workout weight loss fitness training programs from beginner to advanced well toned body levels and afterwards simple maintenance to stay that way!

A Proper Fitness and weight loss Training Plan is what you need.

Once you have reached your goals in weight loss by following a proper weight loss fitness plan then maintenance will be relatively easy and we will discuss easy ways to exercise even at home without making it become a chore.

Just remember one salient point about weight loss fitness training, and that is once you reach your ideal weight, the more regularly you exercise, the easier it will be to maintain this weight. Here are some useful tips that should be done every day to make sure that you get the minimum of exercise you need.

  1. Get Enough Sleep every night.

Try and get into a routine of going to bed at the same time to make sure that you get enough sleep. Good sleep habits are very important because this is the time the body will repair itself. If you do not sleep well you will feel tired and listless during the day. This will also make you eat more because your body will lack energy

  1. Walk as Much as you can.

It is so easy to walk more whether you walk around the office during the day, to the store or around the block where you live. If you take a taxi home get out a few blocks before and walk the rest of the way home.

Gradually increase the distance you walk every week and you will find it easier and easier while also feeling the benefits as well.

  1. Walk on a treadmill if you have no alternative.

If you cannot walk naturally, or the weather is often bad, it is well worth investing in a treadmill for home. Walk on it while watching TV and you will be amazed at how far you walk without knowing it while you are concentrating oin enjoying your favorite TV programs.

  1. MAKE Time for Exercise

People hate exercise and will make dozens of excuses not to exercise. Make it become a routine you enjoy because if you make it boring and painful exercise does become something you will try and avoid at all costs.

You must try and incorporate it naturally into your lifestyle, and this is why natural exercise is best like walking the dog, going to the park, taking the stairs or doing exercises on home gym equipment like treadmills and exercise bikes.

Get as much exercise as possible that will make you feel good and keep in your mind the benefits it has for your health and becoming slim and trim.

As little as 10 minutes of exercise every day is better than none at all but most minimums suggest at least 30 minutes to see real benefits faster. This is more so when you are trying to lose weight.

Exercise that starts Burning off the fat.

The best way to burn off fat in weight loss fitness training are intense bouts of exercise. If you are walking as mentioned above do it briskly. Initial exercise is good to enhance blood oxygen levels but brisk exercise taps into burning off fat for its energy needs.

If you can do as little as 3 bouts of intense exercise a day for ten minutes each you are on the way to losing weight.

The correct weight loss fitness training method.

Start off your exercising with a warm-up phase which should be at least 1-3 minutes and keep your target heater training zone which can be monitored with one of the sports heart monitors on the market.

After warm up spend at least 5 minutes high intensity training with aerobic exercises, weights or the specific weight loss fitness training you are following. Feel your muscles burn during intense exercise and you will know that you are burning fat stores.

Finally cool down for 3 minutes doing stretches and light cardio exercises until your heart rate normalizes.

The above is working on a bare minimum of ten minute exercises but you can increase this as your fitness level increases. As mentioned before optimal weight loss fitness workouts should be 30 minutes for the most benefits.

You burn maximum calories and fat for energy with an increased metabolism in a longer workout.

Obtain your weightloss fitness training at home with online personal training programs as indicated. These will design a proper workout according to youyr level of fitness while helping you achieve any fitness goals you have in mind.




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