Weight Loss Old School! ( Guest Post)

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Weight Loss Old School! ( Guest Post)

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Weight Loss without pain

My Weight Loss Program The Old School Way.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to post on your blog which has some super information and guides. John Rowley…

I have been involved training people for many nears for sports programs weight loss and endurance workouts. When watching people in gyms I have always noted in most cases that they are going about their exercise programs in the wrong way. Especially clients that have weight loss goals in mind

Although cardio training for losing weight is beneficial, just as treadmill work outs are, proper training with weights is far more effective to tone those abs, and shed that body fat. Weights training must be applied with shot rests between sets to burn more fat and pump those muscles to point of fatigue. I have followed and benefited from a proper course in this called the F4X method a part of Old School New Body  by Steve and Becky Holman which provides proven results in the shortest period of time.

Let’s have a look at how this works.

Use a comfortable weight that you can easily achieve 15 reps with but only do 10 at a time with short rests in between the sets. By the fourth set you will fail to complete the reps, because you have fatigued the muscles, and burnt off maximum calories. As you do each workout session, slowly increase the weight, and challenge your last achievements. You will experience exceptional muscle growth and weight loss, by training applying this optimal weight loss workout method.

The benefits of these weight Loss Workouts

While that training method enhances muscle growth through ‘Myofibrillar and Sarcoplasmic expansion’, you also achieve a lot muscle burn. The lactic acid pooling provides a spiking effect on your growth hormone output,—and it is well known that GH is a proven and very effective fat burner. This is why you need to fire up muscle burning to get your GH working at peak.

By following the workout correctly and doing the reps correctly on every set, you’ll also get Myofibrillar trauma, which is the damaging of your muscle fibers. This is vital because your muscles need to break down first in order to rebuild and grow stronger. In between gym or workout sessions, your body accelerates healing for these muscle fibers

The workout technique mentioned above where you fatigue your muscles result in damaging” muscle micro fibers slower, and in controlled negative strokes without injuring yourself, the result being that you force the need for extra energy during recovery.

For achieving that extra fat-burning trauma on your muscles, use one-second positives, and three-second negatives on all  of the 10 weight training reps done in sets of four in a workout session.

Things to avoid while working out for weight loss…

Avoid doing long duration, low-intensity cardio workouts because this burns minimum calories, contrary to what the experts say. Spending half an hour on a treadmill can burn up to 300 calories but you would have to do this ten times a week to lose a pound..

Lengthy workout sessions…

Less workouts, and more intensity, is more beneficial to stay fit healthy and toned. Even 180 minutes of working out in a week is more than sufficient for the average person wanting to stay fit and healthy.

Follow a proper plan for increasing muscle and burning fat without injury, boredom, and hours at the gym. Visit  Old School Body program for results you can be guaranteed of in a lean trim beautiful body..

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