Enough With The Weight Loss Says Joe Matthews. (My Feedback.)

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Enough With The Weight Loss Says Joe Matthews. (My Feedback.)

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Weight Loss Your way

Weight Loss What a Frustrating Runaround…

Weight Loss Your way By Joe

Weight Loss The Way You Wanted it…Your way!

I am not one for punting weight loss pills potions, funny diets , or recommend eating food that looks like it came from the Java trench under the sea.  matter of fact I should’ve called this article… ‘how to lose weight without dieting’ or maybe something like ‘weight loss your way’….

Quite a few product manufacturers often get in touch with me asking whether I would feature their products for weight loss on my sites, and I take a good hard look at them first but rarely do, because I know people are sick and tired of trying one thing after another for losing that dreaded flab…

When Joe Mathews told me his story and sent me a review copy I truly found it a refreshing change compared to all the others I receive… Although targeted mainly for men I had to ask him whether this would work for the ladies, and of course he gave me a resounding Yes…

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Simple Weight Loss

Like me you will find the style of writing humorous and enjoyable, and of course I will definitely be applying what he told me. The guide has great images, information that is quite surprising to learn and a whole lot of myths debunked. Here is a short extract from this guide by Joe Mathews:

If you don’t think America is at war, wake up. Open
Google, and ask what the state of American
healthcare is, and smother that in some good old fashioned
statistics on how many of the great men
and women in this country die of obesity, heart
attacks, and people with diabetes every year. Go
on; I’ll wait.

‘Terrifying, isn’t it? Ask anyone you know, and I bet
$100 they know someone who died of diabetes,
obesity, heart disease, and other completely and
totally avoidable illnesses. Give me another $100,
and I can show you 1 in 2 people who struggle to
maintain a healthy weight’.

Weight Loss Your Way

So Yes Joe I told him I will share your guide on my website and I am sure that like me people will love it and finally start on their own journeys to getting back those bodies they want, and oh also living longer healthier lives in the bargain… Great stuff…!