What Would You Wish For In Your Life Right Now?

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What Would You Wish For In Your Life Right Now?

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What do YOU Wish for ?

What do YOU Wish for ?

One Single Simple Wish!

As our past paced technology filled lifestyles progress, we are beginning to forget simple core values us human beings should have. What truly should make us joyful has now been forgotten.

We no longer enjoy the simple things in life, the beauty around us, or let the child inside us out anymore. We are too worried about what others would think, we are angry at the hand that has been dealt for us in life, and ready to complain about the smallest most insignificant things…

If you were to offer a person a single wish almost 85% would wish for wealth and money, or something that would benefit themselves, with very few wishing something good for a fellow human being. Sad but true.

The other day I listened to a program on the radio, where terminally ill people phoned in, and were asked what they would wish for if they had ‘one single wish’ and the answers the explained brought tears to my eyes, as well as a little guilt.

What do you think they wished for?

Most terminally ill and cancer patients wished for a single day without having to suffer their agonizing pains.

  • A blind person would wish that they could see, and enjoy the beauty that can only be experienced with sight.
  • A disabled person will wish to be able to walk or be able move like a normal person according to the disablement they suffer.
  • A Deaf person would like to hear the singing of the birds, and the crying of a baby, or be able to listen to music.
  • A Homeless person will wish for shelter, a hungry person for a meal, and a parent that has a lost a child for it to be undone.

Many people suffering the ills of the world have a simple heartfelt wish, just to have peace, freedom for pain, someone to be their friend because they are lonely…

What we have forgotten.

Most of us spend our time complaining, moaning, bitching and being angry of what we think are the worst things in life.

A lousy job with a nasty boss,  not having enough money to buy  the best smart phone, our children that are being naughty, being stuck in traffic or the neighbors dog that keeps barking.

Unfortunately there are people that are downright mean in life but don’t let them affect the goodness in your heart!

Perhaps it is time to rethink our human values, and open our hearts to others and also to being more appreciative. Let us be reminded that we can enjoy the sun on our faces every day, the pattering of rain a cool breeze on our cheeks, and that we are able to enjoy good, or fair health, with the abundance of Gods beauty all around us.

What is more precious than money…?

A million things, the sweet laugh and smile of a child, the singing of birds, nature, the rain, family, friends, and the wind in our faces.

Your health and the joy of movement, simply being able to walk or run…. Sure we are all not in perfect health but remember those that have a simple wish to feel better.

If you had one single wish right now carefully think what would it be and who would it benefit?

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